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Watches Coming Soon

Alessandro Baldieri watches
Alessandro Baldieri Watches were founded by Alessandro Baldieri. After twenty years of Interior and Furniture design he is now entering this new venture in the designer watch industry. The watches will contain his designer flair, love of luxury and keen eye for details. The brand currently has shops in London, Milan, Singapore and is set to grow into a global brand. Watch out for Alessandro Baldieri watches coming to TicWatches.

Appetime Watches
Appetime Watches are all about colour, form and nature. The watches are so colourful, vibrant and juicy that they almost look edible. This is probably intended as Appetime comes from the words ‘Appetite’ and ‘Time’. Watch out for Appetime Watches coming to TicWatches soon.

Black Dice Watches
Black Dice Watches is another brand coming to TicWatches. Launched in 2006 by Guiseppe Zuccarello, Black Dice has continued to grow as a fashion watch brand. The Black Dice Collection is influenced by music, lifestyle, fashion and technology. The range consists of some cutting edge digital watches which set it apart from its competitors. The brand has recently been seen on the likes of JLS and other A List celebs. Watch out for Black Dice Watches coming to TicWatches.

Boccia Watches
Boccia Watches are another brand coming to TicWatches this year. Titanium is stronger and lighter than stainless steel making Boccia Watches stronger than traditional designer watches. Despite titanium being 3 times more expensive than stainless steel Boccia Watches are still priced at the same price as traditional watches making them the must have formal designer watch.

Eviga Watches
Eviga Watches combine attractive colours with contrasting black.  Eviga watches focus on price, quality and design. Watch out for Eviga Watches as they are still a new brand but are coming to TicWatches soon.

Gola Watches
Gola has been an iconic British sports brand since it was founded in 1905. Now Gola has just launched Gola Watches. These colourful Gola Watches will be coming to TicWatches soon.

IceLink Watches
IceLink Watches are Swiss made designer watches which are as cool as ice itself. The new IceLink Watches which are been launched at BaselWorld 2011 are expected to be a massive hit. Watch out for IceLink Watches coming to TicWatches.

Ice Swiss Watches
In 2011 Ice Swiss Watches are set to be the newest designer watch brand to hit the watch industry. Ice Watch one of the best selling watch brands at the moment is set to launch Ice Swiss Watches at Basel this year if the whispers we hear are true.  The Ice Swiss Watches will be at a higher price point with Swiss movements we believe but I am sure if the Ice-Swiss Watch brand is introduced it will be a world wide success like Ice Watch Watches. Watch this space as they say for the Ice Swiss Watch brand.

Ingersoll Watches
Ingersoll Watches is a brand with a lot of tradition and history. The brand was the brand child of both Robert and Charles Ingersoll who wanted to offer affordable watches to the public. Thanks to the help of Henry Ford in 1892 they developed the first automated production pocket watch and then later wrist watches. Ingersoll Watches is also know as the Dollar Watch as this was the price of them when launched. About a days wage back then.
The Ingersoll brand has been a successful brand over the years and is now looking to becoming the leader once again at the fore front of the fashion watch industry. Watch out for Ingersoll Watches coming to TicWatches soon.

Issey Miyake Watches
Issey Miyake has long been recognised as a top designer brand globally and predominately in the perfume sector. However the brand is expanding its product range and Issey Miyake Watches are now been added to the portfolio. Watch out for the watches coming to TicWatches soon.

Kennett Watches
Kennett was conceived in 2007 by Tom Kennett and launched in 2009. The Kennett brand currently designs luxury watches and cufflinks. The Kennett watches brand is still young but is already in 10 countries worldwide and set to grow dramatically over the coming years. Watch out fro Kennett Watches coming to TicWatches soon.

Lacoste Watches
The Lacoste brand was founded in 1933 by René Lacoste and knitwear manufacturer André Gillier. The Lacoste brand original manufactured sports shirts with the iconic crocodile logo, as worn by world champion René himself on the tennis courts. Since then the Lacoste brand has grown into an international brand and now we have Lacoste Watches also sporting the famous crocodile logo. All Lacoste Watches have a sport but yet a formal feel. Watch out for the latest Lacoste Watches coming to TicWatches.

Nixon Watches
Nixon Watch has continued to grow since its small beginnings in California in 1997. At first Nixon Watches began manufacturing cheap fashion watches for the young before changing its direction and manufacturing more high quality upmarket fashion watches packed with buttons, features which appealed to skateboarders, snowboarders and surfers. Since then Nixon Watches has continued to grow into a worldwide fashion watch brand and has a wide selection of men’s Nixon Watches and women’s Nixon Watches which appeal to a wide audience. Watch out for Nixon Watches coming to TicWatches soon.

Obaku Watches
Obaku Watches by Ingersol.  These Obaku Watches all have a simple and very clean design making them very calm. These watches are coming to TicWatches soon.

Onitsuka Tiger Watches
Onitsuka Tiger Watches by ASICS are another brand entering the designer watch industry. Onitsuka Tiger are renowned for their sports footwear and sportswear world wide but are set to take on the fashion watch industry. The watches haven't been seen as yet but are set to be Japanese influenced and full of colour like the footwear range. Watch out for Onitsuka Tiger Watches coming to TicWatches soon.

Police Watches
Police Watches was born in 1980 in Venice, Italy. Fashion at this time was changing and Police Watches were one of the first brands to produce a collection of modern designer watches. The watches broke away from the traditional luxury styles that were currently available and produced more modern and fresh designer watches in keeping with fashions and trends. Police are now recognised as a global brand and their Police Sunglasses range has been seen on the likes of David Beckham and Antonio Banderas. Watch out for Police watches coming to TicWatches soon.

At the moment the Toy Watches was launched in 2005 from Milan based designer aficionado Marco Mavilla. ToyWatch was born. Toy Watch was inspired by high design time pieces but instead of used precise metals ToyWatch combined plastic and brand colours.  ToyWatch has without doubt become the must have fashion design watch brand over the past 5 years. Toy Watches has now grew into a massive global brand and there are over 300 different watches within the collection both suitable for both man and women. Without doubt Toy Watch has brought colour back into the designer watch market and will continue to grow. Watch out for the latest ToyWatches coming to TicWatches.

Vivienne Westwood Watches
Vivienne Westwood Watches are also due to been launched at Basel Switzerland in 2011.  The brand is set to take the fashion industry by storm, with it’s its vintage and quirky English styles. The Vivienne Westwood watches are currently been kept behind closed doors but are set to retail from £100 to £500. Watch this space.

Welder Watches
Welder Watches is the latest brand from Italo Fontana who also is the brain child behind the famous U-Boat brand. The Welder Watch brand is at a lower price point than the U-Boat watches as they have Japanese movements rather than the expensive Quartz movements which the U-Boat watches have. Watch out for the latest collection of Welder Watches coming to TicWatches.

Wize & Ope Watches
Wize & Ope Watches is one of the newest designer watches brands being launched this year in the UK. The brand is very unique, fun and a bit different to anything we have seen before. Watch our for Wize & Ope Watches coming to TicWatches.