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Seiko Watches FAQs

Tic Watches is extremely proud to be a Seiko Watches retailer. We believe our Seiko collection offers something for everyone who appreciates this fine, Japanese brand. Are you looking for more information about Seiko? Please take a look at our FAQs below. If you need information not found on this page, do not hesitate to contact us at your leisure. We are more than happy to help you any way we can.

  • Where are Seiko watches made?

Seiko watches are marketed as being 'Made in Japan'. However, the legal ramifications of such marketing are not as strict in Japan as they are in some other countries. This dictates that there are differences between models.

Seiko sources many of the parts for its entry-level watches from other parts of Asia. These watches are still assembled in Japanese manufacturing facilities. The company assembles sourced parts for all of their high-end watches in Japan. This includes luxury watches in the Grand Seiko collection.

  • Where can I buy a Seiko watch?

Brand-new Seiko watches are available worldwide via authorised retail outlets like Tic Watches. Some outlets are exclusively brick-and-mortar or online. Others, like Tic Watches, have both an online and brick-and-mortar presence.

Second-hand Seiko watches are also available around the world. You can find them on retail sites, auction sites, etc. Local watch shops dealing in second-hand pieces are known to carry Seiko from time to time.

  • Where can I have my Seiko watch repaired?

Seiko explicitly recommends contacting an authorised service centre or a Seiko Appointed Dealer to arrange for repairs. It is not recommended that they be taken to unauthorised repair shops for the simple fact that Seiko watches are precision instruments that require highly trained and skilled technicians to complete timely and safe repairs.

  • Can my strap be adjusted?

Seiko watch straps can be adjusted, but it is recommended that customers don't try to do it themselves. Again, Seiko recommends taking the watch to an authorised Seiko service centre when possible. If not, taking the watch to a Seiko Appointed Dealer or the shop from which it was purchased is the next best choice. Straps should always be adjusted by skilled technicians who know what they are doing.

  • When should I replace my watch battery?

Watch batteries can generally be replaced by customers in their own homes. Seiko recommends that batteries be replaced as soon as they are no longer functioning. Leaving a non-functioning battery in a watch for an extended amount of time could result in leakage that ultimately damages the watch. Customers uncomfortable with changing their own batteries can take their watches to an authorised Seiko service centre or a Seiko Appointed Dealer.

  • Are Seiko watches permanently water-resistant?

Seiko watches designated as water-resistant are capable of keeping our water up to a certain depth. However, the degree of water resistance is determined by the design of the watch and its condition at any point in time. Water-resistance is not guaranteed in perpetuity. It can be affected by age and watch use. Seiko recommends following the instructions that come with your watch to ensure that water resistance is maintained for as long as possible. Lots of Seiko watches are also dive proof and can withstand the pressures and requirements of diving.

  • What are the different Seiko collections?

Seiko currently offers four primary collections. These are as follows:

ASTRON – An analogue GPS solar watch and the first of its kind. The ASTRON relies on GPS satellite signals to automatically adjust the time anywhere in the world.

Grand Seiko – Grand Seiko is a brand as much as a collection. It encompasses the company's most exquisite timepieces handmade by master craftsman in the company's Japanese studios. Each watch in this collection is made with the highest-grade materials.

Kinetic – Seiko watches driven by internal electrical generators that are powered by kinetic energy are known as Kinetic watches. These watches do come with batteries that store excess energy for later use. Their rechargeable batteries tend to last longer than conventional batteries.

Spring Drive – The Spring Drive collection is a group of watches with movements powered by a proprietary regulated spring. Spring Drive watches are automatic watches designed with a special emphasis on precision timekeeping.

  • How should I take care of my Seiko?

Seiko watches are built to last. However, taking good care of your watch will maximise its life. Seiko recommends avoiding strong shocks as much as possible. They also recommend avoiding placing your watch under running water even if it is water resistant. Watches should not be put in water while the crown is pulled out, nor should the crown be removed when the watch is wet.

Seiko recommends not wearing your watch while bathing or in the sauna. Users should avoid exposing their watches to extreme temperatures as well. They should keep their watches away from solvents and cleaning chemicals.

  • How should I clean my Seiko?

Cleaning a Seiko watch generally does not require solvents or chemicals. A damp, soft cloth should be enough in most cases. Simply wipe away moisture and dirt after removing the watch from the wrist.

  • How often should I have my watch serviced?

The recommended service period is three years. Because Seiko watches are sensitive precision instruments, they do need adjustments from time to time. Regular servicing every few years allows for those adjustments and gives technicians an opportunity to replace worn-out parts and aged oil.

Note that three years is the recommended average service period. Your watch might need more or less frequent servicing depending on your climate and the type of wear it is typically exposed to.

  • Can Seiko watches cause allergic reactions?

Metal watch cases can cause allergic reactions similar to those caused by jewellery and eyeglasses. If you believe your watch is causing an allergic reaction, stop wearing it right away and seek out the advice of a dermatologist or allergist. Your doctor can help you figure out what metal components are causing the reaction. You can then avoid those metals in the future.

It is not uncommon for customers to be allergic to nickel and stainless steel. Seiko recommends titanium for those customers.

  • Does Seiko offer any kind of guarantee?

Seiko's standard guarantee provides for free repair and adjustment of any watch head (movement and case) shown to be defective, along with metallic straps. Certain conditions apply to watches damaged by accidents, improper usage, natural disasters, and the like. Details of Seiko's guarantee can be found in the documentation that came with your watch.