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MetalBands-640x359 22/09/2014


After all the speculation the I-watch has finally arrived! It is evidentially called the “Apple Watch” and not the “I-Watch” as 100% of people were calling it prior to its release (just another case of a company not using the name which fans have bestowed upon it much like the xbox720) I think this is defiantly a great start for Apple into an industry that they previously had no experience in. That said Apple was never going to be truly in the cold on such a project with the brand... Read More

sunz 11/07/2014

Finally Ice That Is Sunshine Proof

                  The Ice Sunshine collection is here! Truthfully it’s a sigh of relief as in the previous Ice article i had outlined its arrival much sooner.Hopefully now the gangs of furious mobs will stop following me home, prank calling my house, stealing clothes off my washing line, sending me hate mail and generally tormenting my day to day operations. Yes its here, the New Ice Sunshine collection. Brighter than a billion stars, brighter than a comet punching through the atmosphere at 90,000... Read More

ICE-GLOW 27/06/2014

Fresh Ice

  I have been fermenting like a clammy addict, hoping one day for the sweet nectar of fresh products to tame the Ice hunger that runs deep within. I am glad to inform you good people that finally new collections have arrived and I can stop being such a depressing slob. The Ice Glow collection was worth the wait i am glad to say, tasty little features such as the two tone strap with the main colour on top and white underneath are a nice change of pace. Also the... Read More

link 12/06/2014

The Breo Link Collection Has Arrived

Those boys and girls over at Breo are literally SMASHING YOU in the face with new fresh designs at a speed that only light can keep up with! Of course the usual standards have been fore filled with comfort, affordability and style all thrown in the mix. The Breo Link Collection has designs for both men and women. The Breo Link Medium offers a more masculine style with larger dial and thicker strap, where as the Ladies version is a slimmer more compact timepiece. The link collection (as with most... Read More

Ice glam and 60 10/11/2013

Ice-Watch | Keep it 60’s | Keep it Glam

More and more new collections for Ice-Watch, Here at Tic Watches! Ice-Watch present us with the Glam range, and Sixties Range. Add Media The sixties range puts forth a very iconic linear design this look is not for the feint of heart, its unique bold and outlandish! It comes in two colors, either red or yellow. Coming with the usual soft silicone strap its easy on the wrist and is extremely light weight. The Glam range, is a simple but bold range. This range also comes with two variant’s, white or black. Each of these pieces come with a sleek slim line design, as well as boasting the bold and elegant Gold toned bezel, hands and crown. The contrast is immaculate and presents a unique stylistic statement.   Tic Watches Is official Stockists of Ice-Watch and each Ice-Watch comes with 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Cookoo 10/11/2013

Cookoo Keep It Smart Keep In Style

Smart watches have been on the rise over 2013 and they are impressive technology if not a bit pricey. The Smart watches of 2013 are the new technology of the world, but there is the price tag to contend with, as well as compatibility with your smartphone, and then there is the look, some people like the idea but don’t like the look of having a screen on their wrist and then there is the pain of battery life. Here we have the Cookoo watch and it is the way... Read More

Verb 08/11/2013

VERB | The New Addition To Tic Watches

Tic Watches is proud to welcome a new Collection, VERB.     Verb is a new collection to Tic Watches. Available in 8 Colors, Verb will bring the splash of color with its own unique style, the range of colors means you will find the best to suit you and your wardrobe but also it brings a layer of practicality to your life. Verb is not just a functional digital watch, it also has a 4GB USB memory stick built into the strap! Hold yours songs, your work, everything on your wrist. The soft touch silicone strap is very light weight and slim so it will be super comfortable on your wrist. With the slim face the time is displayed initially, it also displays the date, remaining battery life and the available storage! With only one hour max required to charge! Here at Tic Watches we are official Stockists of Verb Watches so Every verb watch comes with a 1 Year Manufacture Warranty.

Breo-O'clock 07/11/2013

Fill Your Stockings in No Time

Christmas is a time to be jolly, time to be happy, but when it comes to getting those stockings filled in time you going to need a helping hand! When it comes to those little gifts you know they’ll love come to Tic Watches.   Our Breo range holds the ticket to the multi colored range, as well as versatility in shape and design, all of our Breo watches present a luxuriously soft touch silicone strap that are built for comfort as well as strength, so they will last a good bash around... Read More

J-Lo feat Pitbull Live it Up White Ice Watch 13/06/2013

Ice-Watch & J Lo

Ice-Watch has recently been seen in J Lo’s new single, ‘Live it Up’ feat. Pitbull. The singer looks stunning wearing the brand new white Ice Watch ICE.WE.U.S.12 and black Ice Watch ICE.BK.U.S.12. The ICE.WE.U.S.12 white silicone Ice-Watch is part of the Ice-Watch Ice Collection. This Ice Watch Range consists of their most minimalist, slim and flexible bold watches to date. With numerous colours available including red, blue, pink, violet and sky blue, these designer watches are ideal for men, women and teens. Other features include a 43mm dial, analogue display, Japanese quartz... Read More

MY03-08 Michael Young Watch UK 23/04/2013

New Michael Young Watch Collection

Michael Young, or “the Yoda of design” as he is known in some circles (he isn’t really known as that, but id like to think he is!), is fairly new to the designer watch industry. As previously stated in the brand write up, Michael Young isn’t restricted to one genre of design.  From transportation, furniture, consumer products and interior design his ability to effortlessly switch from platform to platform has clearly made the transition into watch design a great deal simpler. So then, with this kind of design ability and... Read More