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Mockberg logo 23/08/2016

Say Hello…

It’s safe to say that each of us love getting new things! New shoes, clothes, jewellery (watches in particular), gadgets, cars, etc… Some of us may also love a fresh new season! (TV shows included). There are many different types of ‘new’, and here at Tic Watches, one of our many fashion brands are launching four new arrivals to their Collection this November and we are SO excited! Livia, Elise, Wera and Wera Petite will be the four latest additions to the exquisite Swedish brand, Mockberg. As well as re-branding... Read More

Logo Feature Image 03/08/2016

Only The Brave

Diesel have something magnificent and fascinating about their timepieces. Each and every one has such great and marvelous detail, particularly the Mega Chief range. Big, bold and out of the ordinary, create a spectacular fashion statement with Diesel’s leading Collection! However, there is one certain Mega Chief timepiece that we have particularly taken a liking to here at Tic Watches… Putting on a show for all to see, this 51mm case width show stopping Diesel Watch is packed full of terrific features. The all Black design has been accompanied with a PVD Gold Plated... Read More

christmas gift ideas 2014 28/10/2014
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Watches – the timeless gift

The clocks have gone back an hour, giving us darker evenings and the sense that Christmas is well on its way. Don’t roll your eyes at the mention of the festive season – it’s now less than two months before the big fella with the white beard and the paunch pays a visit with his bulging sack of presents. Time to give some serious thought to what to buy your loved one this Christmas!                             We’re obviously... Read More

FRESHICEAA 25/09/2014


Each and every single day I get stopped by teary eyed strangers in the streets, every single day it’s a different face with the same question. I have to witness the hope drain from there eager little faces as I deliver the bitterly punishing news “still no new ice” My friends we have been waiting for what seems like a decade in the cold, longing for the glimpse of a new collection or a revised model. Alas my heartbroken down and outs that day has landed!! Today we rejoice in... Read More

MetalBands-640x359 22/09/2014


After all the speculation the I-watch has finally arrived! It is evidentially called the “Apple Watch” and not the “I-Watch” as 100% of people were calling it prior to its release (just another case of a company not using the name which fans have bestowed upon it much like the xbox720) I think this is defiantly a great start for Apple into an industry that they previously had no experience in. That said Apple was never going to be truly in the cold on such a project with the brand... Read More

AR1734-1 05/08/2014

New Armani Watches Have Arrived

The AR1737 is first up to bat, bringing slick sophistication and minimalistic style. The AR1737 is the type of watch that says “That’s right, i’m to busy being delicious” the type of watch that would make friends, family and co-workers dribble with sick, bitter unrelenting envy. I obviously can’t guarantee that any of that will occur, but who knows what could happen when you don the AR1737. Lets get into the nitty gritty on this mother flipper! The accentuated chronograph lugs give a very modern up to date feel to... Read More

sunz 11/07/2014

Finally Ice That Is Sunshine Proof

                  The Ice Sunshine collection is here! Truthfully it’s a sigh of relief as in the previous Ice article i had outlined its arrival much sooner.Hopefully now the gangs of furious mobs will stop following me home, prank calling my house, stealing clothes off my washing line, sending me hate mail and generally tormenting my day to day operations. Yes its here, the New Ice Sunshine collection. Brighter than a billion stars, brighter than a comet punching through the atmosphere at 90,000... Read More

ICE-GLOW 27/06/2014

Fresh Ice

  I have been fermenting like a clammy addict, hoping one day for the sweet nectar of fresh products to tame the Ice hunger that runs deep within. I am glad to inform you good people that finally new collections have arrived and I can stop being such a depressing slob. The Ice Glow collection was worth the wait i am glad to say, tasty little features such as the two tone strap with the main colour on top and white underneath are a nice change of pace. Also the... Read More

Daniel Wellington mens designer watches 15/05/2014
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Tic Watches has got you covered!

With 2014 flying away with its big bad self, it’s scary to think that Fathers Day will soon be upon us. Here at Tic Watches, we offer a massive selection of mens fashion and gents designer watches which would make ideal gifts for Fathers Day. With huge discounts available on our men’s Armani designer watches, available on Tic Watches website and in our eBay store, we offer great savings. We are authorised stockists of brands such as Police, Timberland, Ice Watch, Timex, Braun, Daniel Wellington and so on, meaning you... Read More

Mariano Di Vaio Daniel Wellington Canterbury watch UK 17/04/2014

Meet Mariano Di Vaio, the Daniel Wellington street soldier!

Recently we noticed that the one and only fashion ‘street soldier’, Mariano Di Vaio, was sporting his desirable Daniel Wellington Canterbury designer watch. These nato strap watches are inspired from Rolex watches and feature a cool, fashionable strap which can be interchanged to suit your outfit day in and day out. Daniel Wellington watches boast a fabulous design which is sleek and classic, yet trendy and extremely sought after this season. From formal leather straps to casual canvas straps – whatever your mood or outfit, DW Watches have all the... Read More