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Newest Oclock Classic Watches New Colours 11/05/2012

Five Alive with Oclock Watches newest colours!

O’clock Watches have released even more fabulous colours to their range of Oclock Classic Watches. These colours include pistachio, peppermint, sky blue, plum and mountain grey. Oclock Watches are suitable for kids, teens, men and women as they’re available in a variety of sizes.   Tic Watches are pleased to announce that the fantastic new colours from Oclock Watch are officially in stock. Tic Watches are official authorised UK stockists of O’clock Watches, so all our Oclock watches come with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Oclock Mirrors Orange Silicone Watch OCM14 04/05/2012

Say goodbye to those compact mirrors ladies!

Are you one of these people who can’t resist looking in reflective objects? Oclock Watches have launched the perfect solution, a mirror on your wrist – say goodbye to those iPhone mirror apps ladies, the Oclock Mirror Collection is all you need. Available in a variety of colours, and compatible with all Oclock watch straps, these Oclock Mirror watches are perfect when out and about. Use it to catch a sneak glimpse of your hair when your caught wind swept, or even use it to apply your lipstick when you’re... Read More