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komono-wizard-print-watches 04/02/2015

Komono’s Are Here!!!!!

Welcome watch fans to another riveting instalment from your man in the savage watch wilderness. The names Mark Stott and as always i am setting up shop on topics of interest. You may have previously read my article on Komono watches and dribbled with anticipation for the next serving of information. Since the last article i have been doing nothing but huffing on Cohiba cigars and downing neat spirits in an attempt to induce a prolonged state of trance. I found myself in a place where the mind drifts on... Read More

komono_logo-2-8e29c 09/12/2014

K is for….

Perhaps 20 years from now I will be riding atop a noble elephant through a lush dense forest topless, putting on a showcase of my rock hard abs and being generally delicious. Whilst I am busy doing that my beautiful brown haired wife laughs with our children as they collect flowers from the forest floor. This of course is just one possibility (albeit an unlikely one) from an entire multitude of scenarios that may materialise in the future. The one thing that I do know WILL happen in the not... Read More

FRESHICEAA 25/09/2014


Each and every single day I get stopped by teary eyed strangers in the streets, every single day it’s a different face with the same question. I have to witness the hope drain from there eager little faces as I deliver the bitterly punishing news “still no new ice” My friends we have been waiting for what seems like a decade in the cold, longing for the glimpse of a new collection or a revised model. Alas my heartbroken down and outs that day has landed!! Today we rejoice in... Read More

AR1734-1 05/08/2014

New Armani Watches Have Arrived

The AR1737 is first up to bat, bringing slick sophistication and minimalistic style. The AR1737 is the type of watch that says “That’s right, i’m to busy being delicious” the type of watch that would make friends, family and co-workers dribble with sick, bitter unrelenting envy. I obviously can’t guarantee that any of that will occur, but who knows what could happen when you don the AR1737. Lets get into the nitty gritty on this mother flipper! The accentuated chronograph lugs give a very modern up to date feel to... Read More

sunz 11/07/2014

Finally Ice That Is Sunshine Proof

                  The Ice Sunshine collection is here! Truthfully it’s a sigh of relief as in the previous Ice article i had outlined its arrival much sooner.Hopefully now the gangs of furious mobs will stop following me home, prank calling my house, stealing clothes off my washing line, sending me hate mail and generally tormenting my day to day operations. Yes its here, the New Ice Sunshine collection. Brighter than a billion stars, brighter than a comet punching through the atmosphere at 90,000... Read More

ICE-GLOW 27/06/2014

Fresh Ice

  I have been fermenting like a clammy addict, hoping one day for the sweet nectar of fresh products to tame the Ice hunger that runs deep within. I am glad to inform you good people that finally new collections have arrived and I can stop being such a depressing slob. The Ice Glow collection was worth the wait i am glad to say, tasty little features such as the two tone strap with the main colour on top and white underneath are a nice change of pace. Also the... Read More

link 12/06/2014

The Breo Link Collection Has Arrived

Those boys and girls over at Breo are literally SMASHING YOU in the face with new fresh designs at a speed that only light can keep up with! Of course the usual standards have been fore filled with comfort, affordability and style all thrown in the mix. The Breo Link Collection has designs for both men and women. The Breo Link Medium offers a more masculine style with larger dial and thicker strap, where as the Ladies version is a slimmer more compact timepiece. The link collection (as with most... Read More



Here at Tic we stock an assortment of delights that would leave Bertie Bassit considering a career change. Your buddies at Tic Watches know that you outstanding members of society need something a little bit special strapped on your wrist, and of course, we are here to whole heartedly oblige such desires. Quite frankly Daniel Wellington watches are (in my humble opinion) some of the most visually stunning watches on the market. The minimalistic designs and uncluttered dials are a real hit with fans of simplistic, back to basic timepieces.... Read More

Ice Vintage 11/11/2013


Ice-Watches is back with a new collection, and it has gone back in time, this isn’t a standard Ice collection it’s not bright and colorful. Ice have replaced those bold outlandish silicone straps with a sophisticated leather strap that make up the vintage collection. Jumping out of their comfort zone Ice-watch have nailed it again with these classy editions to the Ice-watch name. Ice-Vintage holds the style!     There are 4 watches in the Vintage collection, the VT.BK.B.L.13 has a black dial, bezel and leather strap with silver stitching. The VT.SD.B.L.13 has a white dial, black bezel and a sand leather strap with a sand stitching. The VT.BN.B.L.13 has a white dial, bronze bezel, brown leather strap with bronze colored stitching. The VT.BK.B.L.13 has a black dial, bronze bezel, black leather strap with bronze colored stitching. Tic Watches are official UK authorised stockists of Ice-Watch, so all our Ice Watches come with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.  

Ice glam and 60 10/11/2013

Ice-Watch | Keep it 60’s | Keep it Glam

More and more new collections for Ice-Watch, Here at Tic Watches! Ice-Watch present us with the Glam range, and Sixties Range. Add Media The sixties range puts forth a very iconic linear design this look is not for the feint of heart, its unique bold and outlandish! It comes in two colors, either red or yellow. Coming with the usual soft silicone strap its easy on the wrist and is extremely light weight. The Glam range, is a simple but bold range. This range also comes with two variant’s, white or black. Each of these pieces come with a sleek slim line design, as well as boasting the bold and elegant Gold toned bezel, hands and crown. The contrast is immaculate and presents a unique stylistic statement.   Tic Watches Is official Stockists of Ice-Watch and each Ice-Watch comes with 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty.