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sunz 11/07/2014

Finally Ice That Is Sunshine Proof

                  The Ice Sunshine collection is here! Truthfully it’s a sigh of relief as in the previous Ice article i had outlined its arrival much sooner.Hopefully now the gangs of furious mobs will stop following me home, prank calling my house, stealing clothes off my washing line, sending me hate mail and generally tormenting my day to day operations. Yes its here, the New Ice Sunshine collection. Brighter than a billion stars, brighter than a comet punching through the atmosphere at 90,000... Read More

ICE-GLOW 27/06/2014

Fresh Ice

  I have been fermenting like a clammy addict, hoping one day for the sweet nectar of fresh products to tame the Ice hunger that runs deep within. I am glad to inform you good people that finally new collections have arrived and I can stop being such a depressing slob. The Ice Glow collection was worth the wait i am glad to say, tasty little features such as the two tone strap with the main colour on top and white underneath are a nice change of pace. Also the... Read More

link 12/06/2014

The Breo Link Collection Has Arrived

Those boys and girls over at Breo are literally SMASHING YOU in the face with new fresh designs at a speed that only light can keep up with! Of course the usual standards have been fore filled with comfort, affordability and style all thrown in the mix. The Breo Link Collection has designs for both men and women. The Breo Link Medium offers a more masculine style with larger dial and thicker strap, where as the Ladies version is a slimmer more compact timepiece. The link collection (as with most... Read More

Cookoo 10/11/2013

Cookoo Keep It Smart Keep In Style

Smart watches have been on the rise over 2013 and they are impressive technology if not a bit pricey. The Smart watches of 2013 are the new technology of the world, but there is the price tag to contend with, as well as compatibility with your smartphone, and then there is the look, some people like the idea but don’t like the look of having a screen on their wrist and then there is the pain of battery life. Here we have the Cookoo watch and it is the way... Read More

Oclock Watches Gift of the Year 2012 winners 15/05/2012

O’clock Watches, Gift of the Year 2012 Award Winner

Oclock Watches were recently awarded the ‘Gift of the Year 2012 Award’. The Oclock Watch Collection consists of some of the most popular watches currently available within the fashion industry. Their designs create a mass of personalised colour options available. With bright bold watch straps and over 25 different dials available, the Oclock Watches make a great gift. Each watch comes in an O’clock presentation tin, and all Oclock watch dials are compatible with all O’clock straps. These designer fashion watches are ideal for kids, teens, women and men. Tic... Read More

Oclock Mirrors Orange Silicone Watch OCM14 04/05/2012

Say goodbye to those compact mirrors ladies!

Are you one of these people who can’t resist looking in reflective objects? Oclock Watches have launched the perfect solution, a mirror on your wrist – say goodbye to those iPhone mirror apps ladies, the Oclock Mirror Collection is all you need. Available in a variety of colours, and compatible with all Oclock watch straps, these Oclock Mirror watches are perfect when out and about. Use it to catch a sneak glimpse of your hair when your caught wind swept, or even use it to apply your lipstick when you’re... Read More

Oclock Watches Yellow Numbers Watch OCNB21 04/05/2012

What time is it Mr. Wolf?

It’s Numbers O’clock here at Tic Watches! Oclock Watches recently added some new fashion watches to their O’clcok Numbers Collection, and we just had to get them. The Numbers Oclock range consists of fantastic cheap silicon watches. Colours within the Oclock Number range feature bold, bright fabulous colours which are definitely suitable to wear this summer season. Oclock Watches are suitable for everyone, from young children to fashionable men. The Oclock Numbers range comes in a variety of sizes which include extra small, small, medium and large. Also, the beauty... Read More

Ice Watch FMIF Turquoise Palm Unisex FM.SS.TEP.U.S.11 03/05/2012

F*** Me I’m Famous!

Ice-Watch FMIF watches have finally arrived at Tic Watches. To celebrate the arrival of the Ice Watch Cathy Guetta Collaboration we are offering a fantastic 5% discount to all our customers. The FMIF Ice Watches are highly fashionable with most models featuring bold and colourful designs. The FMIF watches by Ice-Watch are available in a variety of sizes, such as the 53mm dial Big Big FMIF watch, or the 43mm Unisex FMIF watches. We love the F*** Me I’m Famous Ice-Watch Collection, the designs featured on the dials are extremely... Read More

Breo Zone Pink Watch Mr Motivator 23/04/2012

‘Everybody say HUH!’ with the new Breo Zone Collection

The Breo Zone digital watch is just great! It features an array of cool features and must have functions. Spotted on the wrist of Mr Motivator, these unisex sports watches are a must have for any fitness enthusiast. Featuring chronograph with 15 lap memory and 3 countdown timers, this watch is perfect for keeping you in time out on the field. The Zone digital watch by Breo has a digital LCD display, five single alarms and 3 daily alarms, 12/24 hour function, date feature and 24 world time zone selection.... Read More

Breo Watches Classic Collection B-TI-CLC1 20/04/2012

Classic watches by Breo Watches

The Breo Watches Classic Collection is a fun and exciting new range of bold watches. These Breo watches boast vibrant colour and classic style. The Breo Classic features a one size fits all, making this watch ideal for any fashion enthusiast. Available in eight fantastic colours such as pink, black, white, blue, yellow and orange, these colourful watches are a definite must have. Features include soft touch tourmaline silicon strap, analogue display, striking white dial and Seiko PC21S movement. With a 40mm case width and 18mm wide strap these Breo... Read More