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10 useful things you could be doing instead of looking at your phone

Brits spend over four hours on their phone every day on average, adding up to a whopping 1,522 hours a year or 63 days, including over an hour a day online shopping. To put this into context, we’ve looked at 10 aspirational new skills or useful tasks and how long it typically takes to complete them, showing that by putting your phone away a little more, you can open yourself up to a huge range of new achievements and experiences. Learn a new language  The US Foreign Service Institute estimate... Read More


How to clean your smartwatch

Whether you wear Garmin smartwatches every day, or just during exercise, one thing is for certain, we don’t clean them as much as we wash our hands. Unfortunately, many smartwatches are not waterproof, so avoiding any contact with water when we’re wearing them could be the main reason for a build-up of bacteria. A quarter (24%) of us confess to never cleaning our watch and one in five clean their watch less than every six months (21%). If you’re wearing a smartwatch every day, you should try and clean the... Read More


How to Spot a Fake Designer Product

Knock off fashion is said to be a $600bn (£480bn) global industry, whilst new research shows nearly half of British people (46%) would buy a designer fake. People buy fake goods for different reasons. Sometimes it can be just for fun when a product is clearly not real. However it’s clearly an issue when people think they’re getting the real thing and they’re not. It’s not always easy to spot if a designer item is fake. Here are five things you should look for to make sure you don’t get... Read More


How to REALLY clean your watch

Watches are part of our everyday attire, but how often should they be cleaned, and how much bacteria could they be harbouring? We have done research into just how dirty watches can be, swabbing ten different types of watches, testing for aerobic bacteria, yeast and mould to find out how much of a hotspot they are for germs. We discovered watches are THREE TIMES dirtier than a toilet seat and flush handle (scroll down for the results). A quarter (24%) of us confess to never cleaning our watch and one... Read More



Britain loves a designer knock off, but whilst some of these fakes are easily mistakable for the real deal, others are… less impressive. The Competition has now ended sorry! However please feel free to browse our range of exceptional quality designer watches, we specialise in mens watches but also stock womens watches. Top sellers: Michael Kors Watch Garmin Watches


A Gentleman’s Guide to Matching a Watch with an Outfit

A good watch is an important investment, but you can easily spoil the impact of your carefully-chosen timepiece if you pair it with the wrong outfit. Thankfully we have come up with a detail-packed infographic that will tell you all you need to know about what to wear with a watch and which timepiece to select for the right occasion.   Take a look at our gorgeous, engaging infographic and keep scrolling to find out more about what makes it so important for a gentleman to master the art of... Read More


Men’s & Women’s Fashion Review – Tayroc Timepieces

Tayroc, established in 2014 and now an elegant brand providing beautiful timepieces for both Men and Women at an affordable price. A product of passion, imagination, and creative vision. The designs reach out to both the eccentric and subtle dress senses, whilst keeping the Tayroc vision. Perfect gift ideas for him and her, proving that luxurious look at an affordable price. If the set models aren’t for you, Tayroc have you covered by offering exchangeable straps across most of the items. TicWatches are one of the first UK stockists and... Read More


The Autumn Season Sale – You’d Be Conkers Not To

With the Autumn season upon us it’s time to drop the shorts & T’s and head for the wax jackets and gilets. Changing outfits means changes in accessories and our Barbour range will complete your Autumn look. Whether you like the traditional Barbour tweed strap or a brown leather timepiece – we have everything you need and more. https://www.ticwatches.co.uk/barbour-watches-bb021gdhb-glysdale https://www.ticwatches.co.uk/barbour-watches-bb049rsbr-mortimer So come on, treat yourself! These dark nights will be so much easier with a new Barbour watch. We also have an Autumn sale where we have a number of Barbour... Read More


A Day With Dad ~ Happy Father’s Day

Aiming to surprise your Dad this Father’s Day? Well who doesn’t want too, is the question.  Our Dad’s taught us many different things and here at Tic Watches we believe you should fill Father’s Day full of joy and laughter. So, with a range of time-pieces available for the more ‘experienced gentlemen’, we thought we’d pick out the top 5 models which will guarantee to put a smile on your Dad’s face: Tic Watches Father’s Day Models ~ Rotary Men’s GB05065/01 ~~ Armani Men’s AR2453 ~~ Daniel Wellington Men’s DW00100126 ~~ Seiko Men’s SNDG57P1 ~~ G-Shock Men’s G-7900A-4ER ~ Or if... Read More


Mum’s the Word

Here at TIC watches we feel Mothers Day should be full of surprises & gifts for the most important people in our lives. With a range of incredible models aimed at exceeding your Mums expectations, we’re sure you’ll put a smile on her face.  And so, what better way to say ‘Thank you’, ‘I love you’ or ‘You’re the best’ than a classy Daniel Wellington gift set that we are giving away to one lucky customer this Mother’s Day! The main thing we think is that all ‘Mums’ come in... Read More