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The most likely cities for a lunch time hook up

It’s no secret that Brits love sex, and you may have found yourself wondering about what time of day you, or others tend to do the deed. But while evenings and weekends are the most common times of the week to hook up, our research1 has revealed that surprising numbers of people are fitting it in whenever they can, including before work and even on their lunch break. Nearly one in five (18%) said that they were having sex between the hours of 11am and 2pm during the week, with... Read More


A study into basic life skills in primary school leavers

Children across the UK are transitioning to high school without basic life skills such as being able to dress themselves, swim, tell the time and even brush their own teeth, and now our research has revealed that girls may be falling behind. The recent study of 500 parents shows that a concerning one in seven (15%) girls leave primary school unable to brush their teeth without assistance, compared to just 4% of boys. Equally, 10% of girls of the same age are unable to dress themselves, compared to 8% of... Read More


What kind of dater are you?

Complete our online dating quiz to help find out what kind of dater you are. Winter often sees the dating scene explode, recently coined on social media as ‘cuffing season’, where singles couple up to avoid loneliness over the colder months. Here at Tic Watches, we have complied a study to understand the different types of daters and the time spend dating across the UK.


Where are Tissot Watches Made?

Tissot watches are known universally for their precision and quality. They are based in Le Locle in Switzerland, with a long and imposing history dating back to 1853. Tissot SA operate under the worlds biggest Swiss timepiece manufacturer, the Swatch Group, and have done so since 1983. The Swatch Group are also known for their extensive line of high-end jewelry and Swatch watches. Official Timekeeper Due to their precision timekeeping, Tissot watches are officially used by several sporting bodies. The brand has been an official timekeeper of cycling, ice hockey,... Read More


Where are Seiko Watches Made?

Seiko is a Japanese company that makes not only watches but also clocks, jewellery, optical products, and a range of electronic devices. The founder, young entrepreneur Kintaro Hattori, started a small shop in 1881 in which he sold and repaired watches. In 1893, Hattori founded the Seikosha factory and started producing wall clocks. ‘Seikosha’ translates to ‘House of Exquisite Workmanship’ in Japanese. It was not until 1924 that the Seiko brand came about and began producing timepieces and distributing them across the globe. Over the years, Seiko has been responsible... Read More


Which Watches Don’t Need Batteries?

Many people assume that a watch must have a battery to work, but this is not the case. There are many alternatives sold in today’s market that are self-generated, without any need for one. Here we delve into how automatic and mechanical watches work and how they act as a great alternative to conventional timepieces. Automatic Automatic watches do not require batteries as they are powered through the kinetic energy the wearer generates with the movement of their arm. These timepieces contain a rotating weight, and with the natural movement... Read More


Why Watches Display the 10:10 Position

Although you may not have noticed, it is quite hard to find a stock image of a watch online displaying any other time than 10 past 10. It is also the same if you were looking in a shop window. When advertising and marketing a product the aesthetic is important to make it attractive to the consumer. We look into the reasons as to why this position is so pleasing on the eye. The Real Reasons The 10:10 position allows the customer to clearly see the manufacturers logo. The brand’s... Read More


Waterproof vs Water Resistant: What’s the Difference?

The terms waterproof and water resistant can bring confusion when purchasing a watch. The former was used extensively in the past when describing a product, but the reality was that this was not usually the case. Knowing the difference between them can avoid any unnecessary damages. Both types of resistance level can withstand exposure to water, but the difference is how much either can take is substantial. So what is the distinction between the two? Waterproof Waterproof watches can withstand a much greater degree of exposure than alternatives. These timepieces... Read More


Why Watches Have Quartz

Quartz is the main component of the majority of watches and clocks. Most people don’t give a second’s thought that the watch they are wearing contains it. Here we look into why it’s used, and its importance in producing the most reliable form of timekeeping. What is Quartz? Quartz is a mineral compound made up of silicon and oxygen atoms. It exists in two forms, but there are several different varieties. It is one of the most abundant minerals found on Earth and so because of this humankind has found... Read More