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side shot 06/11/2014

Would you buy a WeWood watch? We would

The economic climate is in a constant state of flux, generally speaking this has a negative effect on prices making you have to pay more for the things you want. The other day i had to pay £2.75 for some Chorizo in the supermarket! can you imagine my dismay! tears were rolling down my cheeks at the check out as i begrudgingly handed over the dosh, and its like that all the time boys and girls. The constant heartache of having to pay a higher price for the things that you... Read More

ASDAD 06/12/2013

WeWood Watches

So it’s Decemeber!!Yes that’s right, the stench of jolly festiveness is lurking on every street corner, on the counters of department stores and even boys and girls, even in Tic Headquarters. You should know by now that we stock an impressive arsenal of treats to purge the desires of any watch wanting loved one or buddy. That we stand ready to process your order with swift mighty majestic hands and a “CAN DO” attitude. That in the war against Christmas we not only have your back, but your loved ones... Read More

WeWood Watches Date Brown Watch WDBROW 27/09/2012

WeWood Watches now available

WeWood Watches are so cool and eco-friendly too! WeWood Watches are manufactured to an extremely high standard. For each WeWood watch purchased, American Forests plant a new tree ensuring that our forests are kept healthy and happy. WeWood watches are constructed from natural materials, making them very earth-friendly. They’re lightweight, eye catching and extremely fashionable. The WeWood Range consists of a variety of WeWood Watch Collections. Such collections include the WeWood Date Collection, WeWood Odyssey Collection, WeWood Jupiter Collection and the WeWood Moon Collection. Each collection is available in a... Read More

WeWood Watches UK 17/08/2012

WeWood watches

Wewood Watches is an Italian brand which offers an eco-luxury approach to the designer watch industry.   The Wewood Watch range is definitely one of the most unusual watch collections we have ever seen. Constructed out of wood, these eco-friendly watches are fabulous. For each watch purchased, WeWood Watches partner with American Forests and plant a new tree. Wewood Watches wooden watches consist of four stylish collections, these are the WeWood Jupiter, Wewood Moon, Wewood Odyssey and WeWood Date Collection. All Wewood Watches feature a wooden design, analogue display and... Read More

Army CRONO 01/11/2010

Eco-friendly WeWood Watches

Emerging out of Italy as an eco-luxury and design emblem, WeWood have an avant-garde approach to sophisticated sustainability. The WeWood Watches are completely free of artificial and toxic materials and the wood used is as completely natural as the tree it came from. WeWood also have the guarantee that for every watch purchased, one tree will be planted, so whilst looking stylish, you can also save the planet! WeWood Watches, coming soon to TicWatches… TicWatches are offical stockists of 100% authentic designer watches.