The everyday events that put Britain in the mood for love

Did you know that the birth of Princess Charlotte on the 2nd of May 2015 may have inspired a baby boom? According to the Office for National Statistics, after nine months’ time (February 2016), England and Wales saw a 5% year-on-year increase in children born.  

The birth of an heir to the throne isn’t exactly something that happens every day, so we wanted to find out the more down to earth events that might inspire their own mini baby booms. 

Polling thousands of Brits, we discovered the top ten occasions that put people in the mood to let the good times roll and celebrate with their partners in the bedroom: 

  1. Anniversary (36%) 
  2. Going on holiday (35%) 
  3. Your birthday (32%) 
  4. Your partner’s birthday (30%) 
  5. Valentine’s Day (24%) 
  6. Having a good day at work (17%) 
  7. A wedding / New Year’s Eve / Christmas Day (all 14%) 
  8. A work promotion or pay rise (13%) 
  9. Bank holidays (10%) 
  10. Getting a new job (9%) 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a couple’s anniversary took the top spot with over a third of couples making time for love on those days. Valentine’s Day however, a similarly romantic celebration, was relegated to fifth place (24%) after holidays and birthdays, suggesting that Brits prefer to have sex on days more special and unique to themselves rather than the ‘official’ day of love. 

While having a good day at work, whether from successful meetings or achieving great results, is an excellent reason for a sexy celebration for one in six people (17%), around half as many people use sex to mark times when they’ve experienced the opposite. After they’ve had a bad day at work, 8% of Brits like to let out their frustration in the bedroom, which is definitely one way to turn your day around. 

Of all the scenarios in the poll however, graduating from a higher institution was the least likely time to be marked with a cheeky tryst. Perhaps it’s difficult to take off those robes! 

Looking at the data, most scenarios have an even gender split, even some that would stereotypically skew one way or another. Despite men forgetting or not appreciating anniversaries being a common plotline in sitcoms, our research shows that men and women value them equally as a time to connect sexually (37% and 36%). 

Additionally, men and women are both as likely to want to celebrate work related events such as a promotion (both 13%) or a new job opportunity (both 9%). Similarly, going against the stereotype of babies making women feel broody, spending time around new-borns is unlikely to inspire either men or women to try and conceive their own (both 5%). 

There were some gender differences, however. Men, for example are more than twice as likely to want to celebrate their favourite team winning a trophy with time in the bedroom than women are (10% vs 4%). Men are also more likely to fancy some saucy fun on their birthday than women are (37% vs 28%). 

When it comes to age, it is interesting to note that young people’s libidos are much more attuned to work scenarios (whether positive or negative) than their older counterparts. Around a fifth (18%) of people aged 25-34 (millennials) will mark good times at work such as a pay rise by taking to the bedroom, while only 5% of people aged 55-64 and only 3% of the older generation (65+) say they do the same. 

Additionally, more than three times as many millennial workers as employees aged 55-64 say they’ll have sex with their partner after a good day of work (26% vs 8%). On a bad day at work however, 16% of millennials will also treat themself and their partner to a tryst, compared to only 1% of those over the age of 55. 

For people of pension age, a nice holiday is the most likely time to feel amorous (43%) whereas for Gen Z (aged 18-25) however, a couple’s anniversary is the most passionate scenario of all. Whichever events are more likely to get you in the mood, treating your partner to a nice gift is a lovely way to let them know that you appreciate them out of the bedroom just as much as in. To explore our range of designer watches and sunglasses, click here.

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