The UK professions with the strongest brews

In any workplace, doing the tea round can be a stressful experience – some colleagues will like it strong, with the teabag left in the mug for ages, while others will want it merely dipped in the hot water, but which is the nation’s favourite method? 

To help people out, we recently asked 2,000 Brits how strong they like their tea and calculated the average response for each profession. So, if you ever forget how your colleagues like their drinks, consult our guide and you won’t be too far off! 

Scientists and people working at pharmaceutical companies have the strongest tea, brewing their drink for an average time of 2 minutes and 21 seconds. This is more than double the UK average, which stands at just 1 minute and 10 seconds. 

Scientists are followed on the list by people in the environment and agriculture sector (1 minute, 52 seconds) and those who work in property and construction (1 minute, 31 seconds). 

At the opposite end of the scale are marketing, advertising and PR professionals, who brew their tea for just 54 seconds and have the weakest hot drinks of any occupation. 

The five sectors where employees brew their tea for the longest time are: 

1) Science and pharmaceuticals – 2 minutes, 21 seconds 

2) Environment and agriculture – 1 minute, 52 seconds 

3) Property and construction – 1 minute, 31 seconds 

4) Media and internet – 1 minute, 28 seconds 

5) Hospitality and events management – 1 minute, 21 seconds 

The five sectors where employees brew their tea for the shortest time are: 

1) Marketing, advertising and PR – 54 seconds 

2) Transport and logistics – 59 seconds 

3) Social care – 1 minute 

4) Recruitment and HR – 1 minute, 1 seconds 

5) Accountancy, banking and finance – 1 minute, 2 seconds 

Salespeople appear around the middle of this list but are by far the most likely to remove their teabag in under 10 seconds. Staggeringly, more than 1 in 10 (11%) sales workers admit to such brief brewing! 

When it comes to the other controversial hot drink habit – adding milk to the mug first – people who work at energy companies are the guiltiest. More than two in five (42%) choose this technique, which is significantly more than the national average (23%). 

Interestingly, men are most likely to favour the milk-first method (25% vs 21%). Male tea-drinkers also generally have stronger drinks, leaving their tea to brew for 10 seconds longer than women, on average (1 minute and 15 seconds vs. 1 minute and 5 seconds). 

Experts actually advise that people brew their tea for between four and five minutes, but only 2% of Brits do this. 

How long do you brew your tea for? Why not time yourself using one of our watches and let us know at @TicWatches? 



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