Introducing the Seiko Limited Edition Naruto and Boruto Collaboration

Seiko are always at the cutting edge of pop culture, with interesting collaboration pieces referencing film, music, and television. The next big Seiko 5 Sport limited edition line includes partnership with popular anime series Naruto and Boruto. Perfect for the anime-fanatic, each model manufactured represents 7 iconic characters from the series, with colourways and detailing specific to their personality and look. These familiar characters include Naruto, Sasuke, Sarada, and many more. Each watch features a unique twist on the classic 5 Sports style, with subtle references and Easter eggs that die-hard fans of the series can appreciate.

Naruto was originally a Japanese manga series, then broadcasted in 2002 in Japan as an anime television series. It was then showcased abroad, where viewers fell captivated by Naruto and his journey to become the Hokage, or leader of his village. The popularity of this show, along with its long-lasting fan base, made these Seiko Naruto watches collaboration a no-brainer.

The 5 Sports Style

Seiko 5 Sports watches are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and have been setting standards on durability and functionality for over 50 years. The recognisable 5 Sports logo stays central to the dial, and holds a date display at the 3 o’clock function. These automatic watches feature a power reserve with up to 41 hours of charge. Its superior Caliber 4R36 movement is manufactured with 24 jewels and beats at 21,600 beats per hour. Each limited edition piece includes a comfortable Nato nylon strap, along with a stainless steel buckle for a secure fit. Its see-through case back allows you to witness the movement as it generates power, and features a decorative print specific to the character who the watch is modelled after.

The watch boxes feature a fine detailing and shape, resembling the Earth and Heaven scrolls of the Chunin exams. These exams were used to test the skill of the up and coming Ninja. It also boasts the iconic 5 Sports logo central to the top of the box.

Find your Favourite

This automatic watch takes inspiration from the well-known main character ‘Naruto’, with his orange and blue-detailed Ninja jump suit. The dial includes a blue and black colourway similar to his iconic headband. The dial also pays homage to his Jutsu, ‘Rasengen’, with a spiral detailing. The hour markers are coloured orange up until the 9 o’clock spot to resemble the Nine-Tails within himself. The grey bezel symbolises his signature headband, with the Konohagakure (Hidden Leaf Village) emblem. It includes a gold coloured PVD plated case, with a complementing orange and blue striped nylon strap.

SRPF70K1 – ‘Naruto Uzumaki’

Seiko 5 Sport Watch resembling the main protagonist Naruto Uzumaki, from the Naruto series.

‘Sasuke’ is Naruto’s friend and rival. The blue colourway not only symbolises his outfit, but his distant and antisocial personality. His well-known Jutsu ‘Chidori’ inspires the dials lightning pattern. This watch also features the familiar ‘Sharingan’ clan sign on its crown. Its blue NATO nylon strap features a white stripe down the centre. Its grey bezel pays homage to the scar by Naruto, slashed through the Hidden Leaf Villages symbol.

SRPF69K1 – ‘Sasuke Uchiha’ – £430

Seiko 5 Sport watch resembling Sasuke Uchiha, friend and rival of Naruto.

The Sarada Uchiha is designed with the flair from her ‘Fire Style: Fire Ball’ Jutsu, which was passed down from her father, Sasuke. Its luxury red gradient dial includes a fire-red top half, and a grey-scale bottom. This two-tone dial represents the Ninja attributes of her character, taken from her mother and father. The 4 o’clock index signifies her journey as an inexperienced Ninja, yet shows her path to mastering her Sharingan.

SRPF67K1 – ‘Sarada Uchiha’ – £430

Seiko 5 Sport watch of Sarada Uchiha, daughter of Sasuke.

Each of these Seiko watches is limited to 6500 pieces, making it an essential collectors item for any super fan of the series. Pick up your favourite today at Tic Watches for £430.

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