How Many Watches Should Every Women Own?

The popularity of watches, in general, began a gradual decline with the introduction of the smartphone. Today though watches are enjoying a resurgence among both men and women. A wristwatch represents an easier way to get the time without having to fumble around for one’s phone. For women, watches have the added advantage of being fashion accessories.

In light of the fashion component, we recommend women keep at least three different watches in their collections. A fourth watch is appropriate for women whose jobs imply a specific kind of need. For example, doctors and nurses might want a fourth watch that is more appropriate to their daily work but not something they would wear around the house.

In short, the four types of watches we recommend are:

  1. Casual watches
  2. Sport watches
  3. Work-appropriate watches
  4. Dress watches.
  1. 1. Casual Watches

A casual watch is an everyday watch a woman would wear for most activities. General style and aesthetic appeal would line up with a woman’s overall preferences in fashion. One woman’s general fashion sense may dictate a larger watch in bold and beautiful colours while another woman would prefer something more minimalistic and subtle.

The casual watch is the watch you wear at home. It is the watch you wear when running errands or visiting with friends in casual environments. It is the one watch in a woman’s inventory likely to get the most use.

  1. 2. Sport Watches

Sport watches are intended for exercise and leisure activities. As such, a typical sport watch is made with materials capable of withstanding a bit of extra punishment. Plastic is a common case material for sports watches. Beyond that, women sometimes choose their sport watches based on function. For example, a watch with built-in GPS capabilities is ideal for women who want to track their distance while they run or cycle.

  1. 3. Work-Appropriate Watches

The work-appropriate watch is one we consider optional. It is only necessary if a woman’s work environment is unusually unique. For example, an emergency department nurse would probably prefer a simpler watch with a plastic case and rubber strap for work, as compared to her casual watch with a more ornate dial and gold-plated case. Solid colours are on-trend like black, gold, rose gold and silver.

  1. 4. Dress Watches

Last but not least are the dress watches women wear for formal occasions. These are watches that offer things like genuine leather straps, elegant metal bracelets, gemstones, and so forth. A nice dress watch goes well with most of the formal clothing in a woman’s wardrobe. Tic Watches is among is the market in this field with hundreds of ladies watches ideal for formal, dress, and business wear.

In closing, we recommend at least three watches for women. If certain needs dictate, a fourth watch is sometimes appropriate. Feel free to invest in more if you feel your needs warrant it. You can never own too many watches.

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