How Do I Match My Watch with My Clothes, for Ladies?

Matching clothes and accessories is the key to maintaining your personal fashion sense. As a lady who cares about creating just the right look, you go to great lengths to make sure every piece of your outfit matches. Unfortunately, you might struggle when it comes to your choice of watch. There are so many types and styles of watches that finding one to match the rest of your clothes could be challenging.

We recommend focusing on a few key things, assuming that you probably have more than one watch in your collection:

  • Outfit style
  • Outfit purpose
  • Colours and materials.
  1. Outfit Style

The place to start for ladies when trying to match your watch with the rest of your clothes is to consider the style of the outfit in question. If the outfit is formal, for example, you can automatically eliminate more casual watches. You can also eliminate sport watches, dive watches, etc. None of those watches fit well with formal attire. You wouldn’t wear a dive watch with a little black dress.

Outfit style often correlates with the particular activity you are engaging in. That leads to the second component: the purpose of your outfit.

  1. Outfit Purpose

The purpose and occasion of your outfit often go hand-in-hand. A formal outfit is intended to impress. A sporty outfit is designed to keep you comfortable while you exercise or engage in leisure activities. A work outfit is meant to offer a look commensurate with the type of work you do.

Your choice of watch should match the purpose and occasion of the outfit in question. Perhaps you dress in business casual for work. You are in luck in the sense that casual watches make up the bulk of what is currently available. You can choose from a variety of styles with a full range of functions.

  1. Colours and Materials

Your choice of colours and materials is where most of the real work is done. Beginning with colours, various shades of blue, green and grey are considered cool colours. Warm colours are reds, yellows, and oranges. Match cool with cool and warm with warm. For example, silver cases and bracelets work very well with blues and greens. Gold cases and bracelets are a wonderful choice for outfits featuring yellows and oranges.

In terms of materials, pay close attention to the rest of your accessories. If you are wearing a leather belt with leather shoes, a watch with a leather strap is most appropriate. The colour doesn’t have to be a perfect match, but the watch strap should be of a similar tone.

Leather Strap, gold case and black face Olivia Burton Watch

Matching a watch with the rest of your clothing boils down to the general style of your outfit, the purpose and occasion of the outfit, and the colours and materials of the rest of your accessories. Match your watch based on these three criteria and you will be just fine.

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