How Do I Choose a Women’s Watch?

Watches for women are both functional timepieces and stylish fashion accessories. More than men, women have to pay close attention to their choices so as to guarantee that their watches look the part regardless of outfit and occasion. 

We get that the right watch can make an enormous difference in a woman’s style and presentation. To that end, we suggest paying close attention to the following six things when choosing a new timepiece:

  1. The movement
  2. The dial
  3. Case materials
  4. Strap materials
  5. General style
  6. Skin tone
  1. 1. The Movement

A watch’s movement is the component that actually keeps time. You have two types of movements to work with: mechanical and quartz. Knowing the difference may influence your choice of women’s watches. Let us briefly discuss both.

A mechanical movement relies on a series of springs and gears to keep time. This is true whether a movement is battery-operated or wound. In either case, all of the movement’s components are finely crafted to tight specifications in order to keep accurate time. Among all of the mechanical movements, Swiss movements are still considered the industry standard.

A quartz movement is one designed around the known oscillation of quartz. Rather than relying on springs and gears to keep time, the movement relies on a small piece of quartz through which electricity passes. The quartz oscillates accordingly. Time is kept by keeping track of those oscillations.

Quartz movements are considered more accurate than mechanical movements. They also have the advantage of never needing to be wound. On the other hand, all quartz movements are electrically powered. Preferring a quartz movement means buying a battery-operated, solar, or kinetically powered watch.

  1. 2. The Dial

Though watchmakers would describe the dial differently, the best way to understand it is to think of the dial as the display. A more traditional watch with an analogue movement is easily understood as a dial. Three hands mounted on a centre post-rotate around the face of the display.

A digital watch offers an entirely different display. There are no hands or digits. You simply have a display of numbers. Push buttons on the side of the watch allow you to switch between the time, date, and any other functions the watch offers.

When choosing a women’s watch, ask yourself which kind of dial is more appropriate to your style preferences and settings. When will you wear a watch? At what events will you most frequently wear it? Were you to choose a model with an analogue dial, bear in mind its size. It should be well suited to the size of your wrist – not so large as to be ostentatious but not so small that it goes unnoticed.

  1. 3. Case Materials

The cases of most watches are made with one of two materials: stainless steel or plastic. There are exceptions to the rule, but most metal cases are straight-up stainless steel or stainless steel plated with gold or silver. It is hard to beat a metal case for elegance and style.

Plastic is not generally considered the best case material for high-end fashion watches. However, it is the perfect material for casual and sport watches. Your choice of case materials will likely hinge on where and when you wear the watch you choose.

  1. 4. Strap Materials
Leather Vivienne Westwood Watch for style

Watch straps are generally made from metal, plastic, fabric, or leather. Metal and genuine leather are the best choices for women’s watches normally worn in more formal environments. Plastic and fabric straps are more appropriate for casual occasions, sporting activities, leisure, etc. Choose your strap material the same way you choose case material – based on when and where you are most likely to wear the watch.

Plastic Swatch everyday wear watch for women

  1. 5. General Style

If you have considered the previous four items in order, you will have narrowed down your choices considerably. Now you can begin paying attention to the general style of those watches that remain. Obviously, you want a style that goes with your wardrobe. You want something that reflects your individual style as a person.

Are you more conservative and sophisticated? Perhaps people would describe you as open-minded and adventurous. There are watch styles for every fashion profile.

A women’s watch adorned with gemstones is an excellent choice for classy women with outgoing personalities. A more minimalist watch with a small dial and thin strap could be the perfect choice for a woman who considers herself no-nonsense and pragmatic.

  1. 6. Skin Tone

Considering skin tone when choosing a women’s watch is not something that gets talked about often. However, skin tone is an important consideration. The idea being that your eventual choice should be a watch that complements your skin tone nicely.

Skin tone is generally determined by the colour of the veins just under the surface of the skin. Bluish veins denote a cool skin tone while greenish veins denote a warm skin tone. Look for watches in colours that match your skin tone for a more complementary look.

One final note in this regard is to keep in mind how you use makeup. Makeup can hide skin tone or change it altogether. What you are ultimately considering is what other people see when they look at you. If your use of makeup alters your natural skin tone dramatically, your choice of watch should be more aligned to your makeup.

Choosing a women’s watch can be a daunting task. However, these six tips should help make the task easier. Feel free to browse our entire selection of women’s watches until you find one that’s right for you.

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