20 Brits share their happiest moments of 2020

With 2020 being such a difficult and challenging year, we wanted to shine a light on the positive moments that made Brits smile the most. 

We ran a competition and asked the nation to share their happiest times and we received over 200 entries! 

But there could only be one winner – and what a deserving winner she was. 

Marion Tanner, 53 from the Isle of Wight, took top spot for her heart-warming story about a miracle birth. 

Having lost one daughter to leukaemia, Marion’s other child was told that she would never be able to have children, but during lockdown, she received the best message a mum could possibly wish for – she was about to become a grandmother. 

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You can see the winning photo and the rest of the top 20 entries below. 

1) Marion Tanner 

53, from Sandown on the Isle of Wight 

Marion won the competition for her tale of a birth against all odds. 

“My daughter and her husband had been trying for children for eight years, but had been told it was impossible. They had started to consider adoption.  

“But then during lockdown, we received a random WhatsApp photo of a baby scan saying ‘guess what?’ We are so looking forward to the arrival of their son, who they are going to call Ted. My other daughter would have been so pleased.” 

2) Richard Davies 

76, from Ashby de la Zouch 

Richard was given the all-clear after living with cancer for over a year. He celebrated with his daughter and a bottle of bubbly, and says that the moment will stay with them both forever. 

3) Cara-Jane Hunter 

48, from Huntingdon 

Cara-Jane took a chance on a dream and ended up reuniting with her true love. 

“I had a dream about an old flame – the love of my life – so I texted him to let him know. He then flew out to Vietnam to be with me for his 61 birthday – I couldn’t stop smiling!” 

4) Tiffany Hodgson 

52, from York 

Third time lucky! Tiffany’s wedding was cancelled twice because of the pandemic, but it finally went ahead with everyone present. But it wasn’t all plain sailing. 

“Third-time lucky, we finally got married with all of my family there. However, my Mum, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, collapsed at the dinner table and was rushed to hospital. Thankfully she was sent home later, so we could spend the evening of our special day all together.” 

5) Sarah McIvenny 

55, from Herne Bay 

Sarah has had a tricky few years but had some brilliant news in July. 

“I finished my cancer treatment, chemo and radiotherapy, and it’s the best feeling in the world!” 

6) Rachel Smith 

36, from Blackburn 

Rachel and her daughter got their whole community involved in a lovely initiative that brought smiles to everyone’s faces. 

“We created a fairy door trail in our local woods during lockdown as we thought it’d be fun for families when they couldn’t do much else. Most of the community joined in and started making their own fairy doors. It was great to hear all the positive comments and see it become such a big thing.” 

7) Iorna Lyons 

39, from Glasgow 

Iorna’s sons wanted to thank her for all her hard work during lockdown, so planned a surprise. 

“I arrived home from work after a stressful shift to be met by my two smiling boys, who had decorated the front of the house to show how proud they were of me, and to thank all of the other key workers.” 

8) Oliver Wheatley 

31, from Hull 

Oliver couldn’t see his girlfriend for months, so planned a creative anniversary get-together – socially distanced of course! 

“On a field near her home, I dressed up a wooden pallet as a fancy table, laid out blankets and cushions, and put lanterns all around. We then had a socially-distanced anniversary dinner with wine.” 

9) Christina Finlay 

32, from Derry 

Baby Katie May had a few serious medical issues when she arrived into the world but came through them to provide her family with an incredibly happy moment. 

“My beautiful niece, Katie May, was born during lockdown with hip dysplasia so had to wear a harness until she was six months old. It was heart-breaking watching her trying to get comfortable, but when she finally got the all-clear and could take the harness off, she had such a massive smile.” 

10) Julia Linsley 

58, from Gillingham 

Julia’s daughter is a young adult with autism, but they couldn’t see each other during lockdown, so they had to make their reunion extra special. 

“After lots of testing, we were allowed to take our daughter for a special birthday treat for her wellbeing. We chose a giraffe feeding experience, which she found so amazing. Her response made our hearts soar!” 

11) Ellen Peacock 

26, from Leamington Spa 

Ellen’s boat trip could have been a nightmare when they got caught in bad weather, but a magical wildlife sighting made it memorable for all the right reasons. 

“We were on a boat in Devon and it was absolutely chucking it down, so we were soaked through, but then suddenly, dozens of dolphins appeared out of nowhere. They were jumping around the boat and playing in the waves. It was the happiest moment of a very difficult year.” 

12) Helen Johnstone 

57, from Ellesmere 

Helen and her family built her grandson an amazing Thomas the Tank Engine climbing frame. 

“We built the climbing frame for when our grandson Jackson comes to visit us. It kept us busy during lockdown and helped us recycle some old pallets and pipes! It was a great success and Jackson loves it.” 

13) Claire Crooks 

41, from Stoke-on-Trent 

Claire sadly lost her husband and he never had a chance to meet their grandchild. However, with a bit of technology magic, Claire now has a lovely memento. 

“I received a beautiful image of my late husband, standing with the grandchild he never got to meet. It means so much to me and they have been two peas in a pod. It really brightened up my year.” 

14) Caroline Martin 

32, from Belfast 

Giving birth can be stressful at the best of times, never mind if you break your ankle the night before! But it all turned out alright in the end for Caroline. 

“I broke my ankle the night before I gave birth to my son and I had to have an operation as I broke it so badly. I was finally allowed to walk with my air cast boot four months later, so I could wheel my son in his pram for the first time. It marked a massive proud moment for me as a mum to show him off to the world.” 

15) Joanne Layden 

51, from Worksop 

Health conditions made pregnancy almost impossible for Joanne’s daughter, but amazingly, she gave birth to a gorgeous little girl during lockdown. 

“My daughter was told she would never have children due to health conditions which have almost cost her her own life on several occasions. It was such a happy occasion when she gave birth in October.” 

16) Grant Morris 

35, from Bristol 

Grant’s second child arrived in very unexpected circumstances. 

“My wife and I welcome our second child at home, without any midwives! That last bit definitely wasn’t planned. We will definitely try to time the contractions better if there is a third baby!” 

17) Susan Hoggett 

64, from Durham 

Susan became a grandmother for the first time during lockdown but thought it would never happen. 

“My son and his fiancé have been through three dreadful rounds of IVF, but finally on the third attempt, they got pregnant and now I’m a first-time grandmother to our beautiful grandson. This year has been such a testing time for us all, but this bundle of joy will surely make it memorable. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a family Christmas together.” 

18) Stephanie Molphy 

32, from Warrington 

Stephanie had a gorgeous baby in June and says it has brought her family together. 

“The most precious moment of 2020 for me was the birth of my beautiful little boy, who was born during lockdown. I had to have major surgery and no family members were allowed to visit during this time due to Covid restrictions. Even though there was so much physical distance between our family, my baby brought us closer than ever and brought so much joy to an otherwise very difficult time.” 

19) Tracey Moore 

53, from Plymouth 

Tracey wasn’t able to see her husband for much of the year but had a lovely reunion. 

“I met up with my hubby again after being separated for six months due to lockdown. He’d been looking after his dad who has dementia. He was a five hour drive away as I’m in Cornwall and he was in Wales.” 

20) Lindsay Allen 

53, from Sheffield 

Lindsay set out to the countryside determined to spot a rare bird and got lucky! 

“We ventured up Back Tor and Lost Lad in the Peak District in search of the Bearded Vulture that had arrived from Europe. We got to see it from a distance! It was such a timely event that left us in awe.” 

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