What it means if you keep seeing the same time on your watch over and over again

Have you ever had one of those days or weeks where you seem to keep seeing the same number everywhere you go?  

Perhaps you were stuck in traffic behind a car with lots of 2s in its registration plate. Then later at the shop, your total came to £22.22. And then you woke up in the night and looked at your watch at 2:22am. Or maybe you just find yourself glancing at your clock or your watch at the same time every single day.

You might have just shrugged it off as a coincidence, but some people believe that when it comes to repeated sequences of numbers in everyday life, there could be more than meets the eye.  

Numerology is the belief that certain numbers are symbolic and connected to events. An expert on the topic, Ask Harriette, the UK’s leading mindset coach says, “Seeing sequences of numbers is one of the many ways that the Universe – or God, Angels, or Source – communicates with us.” 

According to Ask Harriette, paying attention to the signs and listening to what the Universe is trying to tell us can be beneficial in ways we might not expect. 

For those of us who might not know how to interpret these signs, below Ask Harriet reveals what repeatedly seeing the same time everyday might mean for you. 

3:30 – try something creative 

Three is said to be the number of artistic expression and creativity.  

Ask Harriette says: “Seeing this on the clock could be interpreted as an invitation to be creative, whether in problem solving, understanding or energetic output.” 

If you find yourself waking up at this time every night, then perhaps you need to flex your creative muscles more. 

The same can be said when you keep seeing 13:30 or 13:33 as well. 

5:55 – reassurance 

According to Ask Harriette, repeatedly seeing fives on your watch can be a reminder to be at peace. 

She adds: “Quite often when we are experiencing things we don’t understand, struggling with circumstances, fives will appear as a message from your guides to remind you that everything is happening for a reason, and if you look on these life lessons with a positive attitude, all will work out for your highest and greatest good.” 

6:36 – stability 

Seeing this time on the clock repeatedly (whether AM or PM) is an invitation from the universe to bring more balance into your life. 

Ask Harriet says: “This is a reminder that you have the gift of sight, you are abundantly supported, and with some stability and conscious awareness from yourself, you will be able to resolve all problems. Take responsibility for yourself, and always practice an attitude of gratitude.” 

7:17 – spiritual awakening 

Recurring sevens are an invitation to enhance your spiritual knowledge, whatever that might look like for your situation, and experience a spiritual awakening. 

Ask Harriet adds: “Sevens usually indicate that you have overcome a problem, barrier or block successfully, and are fully versed in the spiritual understanding of your experience.” 

11:11 – in alignment 

Possibly the most well-known of the ‘universal signs’, 11:11 has special significance in numerology.  

Ask Harriette says: “The number one indicates that you are manifesting with more power and speed than normal. It’s important that you keep your thoughts focused on your desires and don’t let your mind wander into negatives. 

“11:11 is the seat of all creation and means that we are in alignment with our soul. If you keep seeing this time, it means you are typically on the brink of an awakening or evolution. It’s a good thing!” 

12:22 – be wary 

The number two is said to be connected to relationships and could signal some form of test. 

Ask Harriette says: “If you see a time with recurring twos, you need to be more conscious of the relationships and partnerships in your life. Use your intuition and insight to navigate them for the greatest good. 

 “22:22 can mean you will face a test of patience, but you’re on the right path, so keep going with faith, trust and compassion.” 

14:44 – pursue your dreams 

If you keep seeing the number four when checking your Watch, it could mean it’s time to pursue your passion. 

Ask Harriette says: “The number four has a driving energy which should give us the extra push we need to really put our dreams into action. If you see 14:44, listen to your intuition and pursue your goals and aspirations.” 

18:18 – good times are coming 

The number eight has positive associations all around the world and if you keep seeing it, it could mean that you’re about to have some good luck. 

Ask Harriette says: “Eights are a sure sign that abundance is on the way. Keep your thoughts positive. Seeing 18:18 or similar times is an invitation to step into your personal power, have faith in your own abilities and use them for the greatest good.” 

19:19 – end of a chapter 

In contrast, the number nine has mixed meanings, with some more positive than others. 

Ask Harriette says: “Seeing nines in the time is a nod from the universe that a chapter is coming to a close. This could be a phase, a situation, a relationship or a problem – something in your life is ending. 

 “This does not have to be interpreted as a negative though, as all endings also mark the start of new beginnings.” 

Whatever the universe might be trying to tell you, whether to try something creative, or that you’re coming to the end of a life chapter, to help you keep an eye on your lucky numbers check out our range of mens and womens watches.

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