Holiday hounds – 20 summer-loving pets wearing sunglasses

With summer officially here and a heatwave sweeping across the country, many of us will be reaching for our sunglasses, but it appears that pets are getting in on action too.

That’s why we ran a competition to find the most brilliant and hilarious photos of our furry friends wearing shades.

Claire Burke, from Skipton, was crowned the winner of the competition for an adorable photo of Lily, her nine-year-old Whippet. For taking top spot, we’re sending Claire a brand new Tommy Hilfiger watch.

Here are the top 20 entries from the competition:

1. Lily – Whippet

Owner: Claire Burke (Skipton)

Lily smiled her way to victory and was named top dog, winning her owner Claire a brand new designer watch.

2. Cara – Scottish Fold

Owner: Victoria Minihane (Birmingham)

Cara is one cool cat, with her snazzy John Lennon-esque sunglasses a perfect fit for her rockstar swagger.

3. Morkie – Yorkshire Terrier cross-breed

Owner: Adam Law (Hamilton)

Morkie has summer nailed and is living her best life with big sunglasses and an ice cream wafer. With sunglasses that cool this dog should be riding a harley davidson from Harley Davidson Direct.

4. Strippey – Lop Eared Rabbit cross

Owner: Rosanne Francis (Colchester)

Strippey is one sunny bunny and loves nothing more than chilling out with owner Rosanne.

5. Moriarty – German Shepherd

Owner: Teresa Thorne (Newton Abbot)

Moriarty looks like he’s come straight from a Sherlock Holmes mystery, with a stylish hat and sunglasses combo.

6. Pluto – German Shepherd

Owner: Louise France (Preston)

Another German Shepherd prepped for the sun, Pluto’s BBQ outfit is out of this world.

7.  Parsley – Cockapoo

Owner: JoAnn Taylor (Brentwood)

Parsley the Cockapoo is making waves at the beach with his colourful Hawaiian shirt and shades.

8. Lulu – Chihuahua

Owner: Zoe Corbin (London)

Lulu may have picked the wrong size sunglasses, but she’s not letting that stop her from looking fabulous.

9. Arthur – Bernese Mountain Dog

Owner: James Roff (Bournemouth)

Arthur may look like he’s judging you, but really he’s just making sure you know how gorgeous he is.

10. Toto – French Bulldog

Owner: Amelia Avossa (Leicester)

There really is no place like home for Toto, who is seen here looking pretty in pink.

11. Bubb and Ching – Vizslas

Owner: Rose Tabberer (Cornwall)

This pair of style icons look dashing in their colourful oversized sunglasses.

12. Molly – Border Terrier

Owner: Susan Clayton (Sutton)

Molly looks cute, yet fierce by striking a power pose that would look right at home on a catwalk – or should that be…

13. Bruno – Golden Retriever

Owner: Scott Humm (Croydon)

Bruno may have just had a big night at the jazz club, but his classy outfit helps him style it out.

14. Willow – Ragdoll

Owner: Adele Knight (Bishop Auckland)

Willow looks a million dollars and she knows it.

15. Bruno – Boxer

Owner: Susan Wilshee

Bruno insists on dressing smartly so his productivity level doesn’t drop while working from home.

16. Neo – Samoyed

Owner: Cherry Lloyd (Penryn)

Originally from Siberia, Samoyeds aren’t natural sun-lovers, but Neo has found a great spot to chill and watch the world go by.

17. Darcy – Labradoodle

Owner: Julie Bishop (Leicester)

Darcy wants world peace and for everyone to just get along – is that too much to ask?

18. Snoopy – Basset Hound

Owner: Daniel O’Shea (Salford)

TV Snoopy lives a wild fantasy life, flying planes and exploring the world – real-life Snoopy says he’ll get around to all that eventually.

19. Amber – Cockapoo

Owner: Debbie Howe (Watford)

Amber has claimed this seat as her own and when you look that good, who is going to argue with you?

20. Lola – Newfoundland

Owner: Rebecca Roberts (Leeds)

Puppy Lola has found her perfect spot in the sun and doesn’t plan on moving any time soon. Sunglasses for Tic Watches

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