How Brits are spending their time online in lockdown

It can be difficult to know how to spend all this extra time since the lockdown began, and it seems many are naturally turning to our old friend, the internet, for help – but how exactly are we spending that time online in comparison to before?

We’ve conducted research using Google Trends data to reveal the online habits of the nation since the lockdown, to indicate how we’re all choosing to pass the time while staying home. 

Online shopping

With many people out of work or furloughed across the nation, it may be surprising to see a 280% increase in online shopping since the lockdown began – but a positive result for the economy as Brits turn to spending cash in order to keep busy. Here at Tic Watches we have seen marked increase in sales of Armani watches for example but a decrease in sales of Ray ban sunglasses.

Online gaming

While some are turning to classic board games to pass the time, many Brits are looking to online gaming to keep themselves busy, with Google Trends showing a 212% increase between 8th-14th March and 22nd-28th March.


Food-loving Brits are choosing to spend this extra time improving their skills and trying new things, with the term “recipes” seeing a 156% increase since the UK went into lockdown.

Home improvements

Been putting off painting that room since last year? Or perhaps you were yet to start that wine rack you’ve been meaning to build? Whatever the project, Brits are sprucing up their homes during lockdown, as searches for DIY have seen a 138% increase since the beginning of March. 

Social media

Social media is a great way to stay connected with family while stuck miles apart, so it’s unsurprising that the likes of Instagram have seen a 29% increase in searches. However, social media platform TikTok, which offers user-generated video content, has seen a 133% increase since the beginning of March.  



Video streaming

As a nation of TV lovers, Brits are taking this extra time to start that series they’ve been meaning to get to or watch that film with their lockdown partners on a Friday night. Our research showed a 92% increase in the term “watch movies online”, an 82% increase in searches of Netflix and a 29% increase in “watch TV online”. 

It seems it’s not just the family-friendly video content seeing an increase in searches during lockdown, with the term “watch porn online” seeing a 30% increase since the beginning of March.

Watch movies online 


Watch TV online 

Watch porn online

However you are choosing to spend your time online during the lockdown, we hope you’re staying entertained and safe!

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