When you’ll get the biggest savings

Everyone loves to bag a bargain, but sometimes it can be tricky to know exactly when it’s the best time to shop, to maximise savings.

Black Friday and Boxing Day are well known for their sales, but our recent study revealed deals can be bagged all year round, depending on which product you’re looking for.

As a rule of thumb, you’re best avoiding the periods of greatest demand, such as buying swimwear at the height of summer or late spring, as there will usually be less discounts on offer. 

Here are the top products by potential savings, as well as the best months to buy them:

  1. Swimwear

Best time to buy: August

Potential savings: 75%

  1. Winter shoes

Best time to buy: May

Potential savings: 70%

  1. Coats

Best time to buy: August

Potential savings: 70%

  1. BBQs

Best time to buy: September

Potential savings: 66%

  1. Mattresses

Best time to buy a mattress: February

Potential savings on beds and mattresses: 65%

  1. Sofas

Best time to buy: January

Potential savings: 64%

  1. Wedding

Best time to buy: February

Potential savings: 56%1

  1. TVs

Best time to buy: November – January (excluding Christmas)

Potential savings: 50%

  1. Headphones

Best time to buy: November

Potential savings: 50%

  1. Laptops

Best time to buy: November and late August

Potential savings: 46%

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