Why Watches Display the 10:10 Position

Although you may not have noticed, it is quite hard to find a stock image of a watch online displaying any other time than 10 past 10. It is also the same if you were looking in a shop window. When advertising and marketing a product the aesthetic is important to make it attractive to the consumer. We look into the reasons as to why this position is so pleasing on the eye.

The Real Reasons

The 10:10 position allows the customer to clearly see the manufacturers logo. The brand’s name is distinctly placed at the top of the face. The front of the watch also shows any additional details such as the date, water resistance, and range. A consumer can also clearly see features of mens chronograph watches.

For example on these Mondaine watches, positioning the hands at 11:05 covers the logo of the manufacturer. The former position underlines their brand and points the viewers attention towards it.

Many companies when marketing their watch set it to be this position as it is the most aesthetically pleasing time. Customers are able to see either side of the face and the hands themselves evenly. The long and short hand placed at the 10:10 position gives a symmetrical look and is proportionally pleasing for the consumer.

Olivia Burton watches focus heavily on aesthetic and understand the importance of design when marketing products. Almost all of their imagery are shot in the 10:10 position.

It is implied that this position connotes a smile. This then inclines the customer to have a positive reaction when viewing it. Having the hands in the 8:20 position almost resembles a frown and could imply a negative feeling.

It could be said however that the look of the 10:10 position just looks better than any other, and there is no underlying marketing strategy behind it. It is simply just pleasing on the eye and makes a timepiece look presentable.

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