Orla Kiely Now in stock at Tic Watches

OKView our fantastic range of Orla Kiely watches these unique watches beautifully reflect the influence given to her by her grandmother. With a rusty vintage and traditionally elegant way about them, Orla Kiely’s Time pieces shine above many of the more modern and clinical styles of watches.

With Orla’s signature print of the stem; her variant patterns, and earthy colours one can see how the natural and clover spotted landscapes of Ireland have shaped her designer’s eye. Orla Kiely’s Time Collection pieces are artfully attuned to nature, mirroring the seasons, yet also associate closely with her textile history and her funky 60s designs. Kiely is depicted as the “Queen of Prints” and it is not difficult to see why.

The Orla Kiely chronograph pieces are composed with the three internal faces being in the shape of flowers or four leaf clovers, giving these Orla Kiely Watches a different fingerprint.

The raised patterned strap pieces by Orla Kiely are both modestly priced, and unique in their composition. They draw eyes to their distinctive aesthetics and draw fingers to explore the dimensions.

Orla Kiely will prove to be a revolutionary brand that Tic Watches will proudly display within its shop at the end of September.


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