Ritot: The world’s first projection wrist watch!

Ritot Watches are most definitely the smartwatch of the future. Ritot Watch is the very first projection watches, featuring special projection technology. Ritot watches project the timepiece information on to the hand, unlike any rival smartwatch. Ritot Watches can be used day or night and the time is activated in two ways, by touching the button on the band or by shaking your hand. The beauty of Ritot Watches is that the time display stays projected for 10 seconds, which is just enough time for viewing the information and not enough time for the device to get on ones nerves.

Other cool features of the Ritot Watch include 24 or 12 hour display and the ability to customise the projection colour. Ritot Watches are manufactured to the highest of standards and are safe for skin and health. High quality materials and technical components make up this fantastic futuristic timepiece. Its unisex design make this watch the perfect gift idea, whether it be for Xmas 2016 for example, and its waterproof rating make this watch completely versatile.

Ritot Watches come with a wireless charger included, which is used to set the time and alter the projection colour in one click. These stunning timepieces are inspired by future technologies and are designed for individuals who like to be different and original. Not only does the Ritot timepiece offer an interesting concept to the world of time, it connects to your phone and receives notifications such as calls, messages, reminders and much more.

Ritot Watches are set to be one of the most popular watch brands to storm the UK, and we can’t wait to slap them on our wrists.

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