WeWood Watches now available

WeWood Watches are so cool and eco-friendly too! WeWood Watches are manufactured to an extremely high standard. For each WeWood watch purchased, American Forests plant a new tree ensuring that our forests are kept healthy and happy.

WeWood watches are constructed from natural materials, making them very earth-friendly. They’re lightweight, eye catching and extremely fashionable. The WeWood Range consists of a variety of WeWood Watch Collections. Such collections include the WeWood Date Collection, WeWood Odyssey Collection, WeWood Jupiter Collection and the WeWood Moon Collection. Each collection is available in a variety of colours, including beige, army, black, brown and chocolate to name a few.

Each colour WeWood Watch represents a specific tree which is used during the manufacturing process. Our favourite here at Tic Watches is the brown coloured watches, as these are made from the Red Wing Celtis tree. The Red Wing Celtis tree is often used for flooring, meaning this wood is highly durable. WeWood Watches uses the remnant pieces of wood from this tree, which would otherwise be destroyed. Other designer watches from the WeWood Watches Range are constructed from Guaiaco wood, which is a South America tree that is renowned for its powerful healing properties. People suffering from pain, including arthritis pain, often turn to this wood for relief.

Tic Watches are official authorised stockists of WeWood Watches.

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