Skagen Watches

Skagen Watches is continuing to grow as an international designer watches brand including here in the UK.  TicWatches is one of the leading stockists of Skagen Watches and offer a wide selection of both men and women’s Skagen Watches as well as offering free delivery service in the UK on all Skagen Watches.

Skagen Watches

Skagen Watches

The Skagen Watch brand was created by designers Henrik and Charlotte Jorst in 1989 and named after a picturesque Danish resort town Skagen-the Shaw. The area is calm, pure and romantic and this is where Skagen Watch get their inspiration from. Due to this the Skagen Watch designs remain simple, elegant and combine high quality design. Skagen Watches are also renowned for their ultra slim design and manufacturing qualities. Many of the watches are 6 mm or slimmer. This is a trade mark of Skagen Watches which separates them from the crowd. These qualities have allowed the Skagen Watch brand to grow into one of the most successful Danish brands today.

The brand however has come along way since its beginning over 20 years ago and now offers a wide selection of Men’s Skagen Watches and Ladies Skagen Watches.  The brand has various sub collections to suit all styles and tastes including the Steel Mesh, Steel Leather, Titanium Mesh and Titanium Leather. The Titanium Skagen Watches are particular favourites of ours. One of which includes the new Skagen Watch 806XLTBLB from the new Skagen Watch Titanium Leather range.

Watch out for the latest Skagen Watches coming to TicWatches.

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