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On a regular basis we get a lot of emails and calls with regards to the various watch sizes in the Ice-Watch collection and it’s even confusing for us sometimes, so we thought we would write a Blog to help you out.

Ice-Watch Purple Winter Sili

Ice-Watch Purple Winter Sili

The Ice-Love Watches come in 2 different sizes. The small size with a 38mm dial and the unisex size with a 43mm dial.  The product codes for the small Ice-Love Watches end SS and the unisex sizes end US.  The Ice-Watch Classic Watches also come in two different sizes like the Ice-Love Watches.

The Ice-Watch Sili Watches comes in three different sizes, small 38mm dial, unisex 43mm dial and the large size which has a 48mm dial.  The product codes for the small Sili watches ends SS, the unisex US and the large BS.  The Ice-Watch Winter Sili watches however only come in the unisex and large sizes.

The Ice-Watch Chronograph Watches is very simple; all these come in one size with a 48mm dial. Simple.

The Ice-Watch Gold & Silver Watches also comes in two different sizes, a unisex size with a 43mm dial and a large size with a 48mm dial. The product codes for the unisex models end in UL and for the large size BL.

The Ice-Watch Gold Rose Watches also are available in two sizes, unisex 43mm dial UP and the large size with a 48mm dial BS.

Both the Ice-Watch Stone Sili and Ice-Watch Stone Watches also come in two different sizes, small and unisex.  This watches are aimed more at the female market hence no large model.

The Ice-Watch XXL Watches are currently the largest watches in the Ice-Watch Collection with their 52mm dials.

The Ice-Watch Neon Watches come in all three sizes, small, unisex and large.

As a retailer it’s impossible to stock all of Ice-Watch different sizes so we tend to generally stock the unisex sizes with a few small and large models.  However if you are after a specific model which we are not showing please email us as we should be able to get as we are official Ice-Watch stockists.

I hope this information help….

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