April 2010


Ice-Watch Sizes

On a regular basis we get a lot of emails and calls with regards to the various watch sizes in the Ice-Watch collection and it’s even confusing for us sometimes, so we thought we would write a Blog to help you out. The Ice-Love Watches come in 2 different sizes. The small size with a 38mm dial and the unisex size with a 43mm dial.  The product codes for the small Ice-Love Watches end SS and the unisex sizes end US.  The Ice-Watch Classic Watches also come in two different... Read More


Alessi Watches Blog

Alessi Watches are bright, bold, distinguishable watches.  Alessi Watches consist of a wide range of Italian watches.  Throughout the Alessi Watches range, each model is specifically designed by a different professional designer giving personality and individuality to each Alessi Watch.  Alessi Watches attract a mass of interest and are suited to a very wide audience. Amongst the Alessi Watch range there is a vast range of extraordinary Alessi Watches, consisting of models such as the Alessi Daytimer, Alessi Kaj, Alessi Calumet, Alessi Callisto, Alessi Look No Hands, and our favourite... Read More


Andy Warhol 15 Watch Collection

Andy Warhol is renowned for creating undoubtedly some of the most famous pieces, and is probably one of the most recognised names with the art industry.  The Andy Warhol 15 Watch Collection is no different when it comes to modern appeal.  With extreme attention to colour, trend appeal and design the Andy Warhol 15 Watch Collection is has the look and feeling of Andy Warhol’s work.  Many of the Andy Warhol watches within the Andy Warhol 15 Watch Collection have famous Andy Warhol quotes etched on the case back, making... Read More


Ice-Watch Watches as Seen on Celebrities

Ice-Watch watches have been seen on a vast range of celebrities this season, and with the summer months approaching TicWatches can guarantee the hottest celebs will be snapped sporting the latest must have Ice-Watch watches!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       In recent times famous Actors and Actresses such as Jordana Brewsters from The Fast and the Furious have been seen showing interest in the latest Ice-Watch trend.  Kevin McHale, singer and actor currently starring in Glee, has been seen wearing the latest SI.BE.B.S.09 Ice-Watch from the Ice-Watch Sili Collection.  Famous singer Andres Cabas is... Read More


Designer Watch Mobile Phones

What does the future of the designer watch market hold?  With technology changing daily on a vast scale, its not surprising that somewhere, someone found the initiative to come up with a mobile phone watch.  At the moment these are quiet new to the market but it might not be long before we are all wearing a mobile phone watch. The W968 Quad Band Stainless Steel FM Radio Watch Cell Phone Silver (SZFCL001) is one of our personal favourites.  The stunning design is not only visually exciting, the unique simplistic... Read More


Ice-Watch Chrono Collection

The Ice-Watch Chrono Collection, consisting of the Ice-Watch CH.WE.B.P.09, CH.BK.B.S.09, CH.BK.B.P.09 and CH.RG.B.S.09.  The Ice-Watch Chrono Collection truly is a breathtaking range of quality watches which Ice-Watch has to offer. With variations of white, black, black and silver, and black and gold, the Ice-Watch Chronograph Collection offers the best chronograph watches available within the fashion industry.  Stylish silicon or solid plastic straps, depending on desired Ice-Watch Chrono Collection model, guarantee the Ice-Watch Chronograph Collection watches are durable and light on the wrist, whilst remaining unnoticed.  With a retail price of... Read More


New LTD Steel Watches

LTD has not hesitated in unleashing their new range of LTD Watches, the LTD Steel Watches, inspired by the famous Rolex Oyster watches.  The LTD Watch Steel Range consists of eight stunning designs.  Individually numbered on the back and limited worldwide to a number of 100 pieces each design.  Like everything else with a limited availability, we expect the LTD Steel Watch range to go fast, so be sure to beat the crowd and purchase yours immediately!  Retailing at ONLY £85 the LTD Steel Watch Range is a cheaper alternative... Read More

Gift Voucher 07/04/2010

Designer Sili Ice-Watches for ONLY £65

The Ice-Watch Sili Collection has proven to be one of the most popular Collections of the Ice-Watch range due to its plain bold and elegant design. The Ice-Watch brand has allready been seen on a number of celebs such as Audrina Partridge, Jersey Shores Girl and Paris Hilton to name a few.  See the rest of the celebs wearing the Ice-Watch Collection; Celebs Wearing Ice-Watch The Ice-Watch Sili Collection is renowned for its bright bold funky colours, high quality, exceptional attention to detail, and added extras.  The Ice-Watch Sili Collection consists... Read More

Casio: G-Shock 07/04/2010

Ice-Love Watches from Ice-Watch

The Ice-Watch Collection has proven to be one of the most popular brands throughout 2010.  Following this success, the Ice-Watch Collection is now available in a vast range of collections which are rapidly differentiating in terms of styles, colour and sizes.  The Ice-Watch Collection is renowned for its attention to high quality, exceptional attention to detail, colour variations and added extras.  The Ice-Watch Collection consists of various Ice-Watch models, which are available with a selection of dial size options, the most popular being the unisex option. With the newest Collection... Read More