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The everyday events that put Britain in the mood for love

Did you know that the birth of Princess Charlotte on the 2nd of May 2015 may have inspired a baby boom? According to the Office for National Statistics, after nine months’ time (February 2016), England and Wales saw a 5% year-on-year increase in children born.   The birth of an heir to the throne isn’t exactly something that happens every day, so we wanted to find out the more down to earth events that might inspire their own mini baby booms.  Polling thousands of Brits, we discovered the top ten occasions... Read More

Watch Complications: They Don’t Have to Be So Complicated

Watches or timepieces need only the ability to display hours, minutes, and seconds to be considered functional in the world of horology. Any other abilities beyond these three constitute what horologists refer to as ‘complications’. The one thing to know about complications is this: they do not have to be complicated to understand. Watchmakers, jewellers, and retailers alike have a language all their own. Technical terms are bandied about among professionals with regularity. The rest of us don’t understand what they are talking out because we do not speak the... Read More

Tea time: How to steep tea like an expert

Tea is an iconic part of British culture, with how to make the perfect brew often a hot topic for debate, from the teabags used, to the length of time to steep the tea and even whether the milk goes in first.  To help people out, we recently asked 2,000 Brits how strong they like their tea and compared this to what experts say is the perfect amount of time for steeping (brewing).  Our study found that the time an average person leaves their tea to brew is just one... Read More

The UK professions with the strongest brews

In any workplace, doing the tea round can be a stressful experience – some colleagues will like it strong, with the teabag left in the mug for ages, while others will want it merely dipped in the hot water, but which is the nation’s favourite method?  To help people out, we recently asked 2,000 Brits how strong they like their tea and calculated the average response for each profession. So, if you ever forget how your colleagues like their drinks, consult our guide and you won’t be too far off! ... Read More

Introducing the Seiko Limited Edition Naruto and Boruto Collaboration

Seiko are always at the cutting edge of pop culture, with interesting collaboration pieces referencing film, music, and television. The next big Seiko 5 Sport limited edition line includes partnership with popular anime series Naruto and Boruto. Perfect for the anime-fanatic, each model manufactured represents 7 iconic characters from the series, with colourways and detailing specific to their personality and look. These familiar characters include Naruto, Sasuke, Sarada, and many more. Each watch features a unique twist on the classic 5 Sports style, with subtle references and Easter eggs that... Read More

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How Many Watches Should Every Women Own?

The popularity of watches, in general, began a gradual decline with the introduction of the smartphone. Today though watches are enjoying a resurgence among both men and women. A wristwatch represents an easier way to get the time without having to fumble around for one’s phone. For women, watches have the added advantage of being fashion accessories. In light of the fashion component, we recommend women keep at least three different watches in their collections. A fourth watch is appropriate for women whose jobs imply a specific kind of need.... Read More

How Do I Match My Watch with My Clothes, for Ladies?

Matching clothes and accessories is the key to maintaining your personal fashion sense. As a lady who cares about creating just the right look, you go to great lengths to make sure every piece of your outfit matches. Unfortunately, you might struggle when it comes to your choice of watch. There are so many types and styles of watches that finding one to match the rest of your clothes could be challenging. We recommend focusing on a few key things, assuming that you probably have more than one watch in... Read More

How Do I Choose a Women’s Watch?

Watches for women are both functional timepieces and stylish fashion accessories. More than men, women have to pay close attention to their choices so as to guarantee that their watches look the part regardless of outfit and occasion.  We get that the right watch can make an enormous difference in a woman’s style and presentation. To that end, we suggest paying close attention to the following six things when choosing a new timepiece: The movement The dial Case materials Strap materials General style Skin tone 1. The Movement A watch’s... Read More


Which Designer Watches Are Trending for Women?

Tic Watches operates on the philosophy that a watch is an essential part of any outfit. For women, the perfect watch is one that offers reliable timekeeping and simultaneously enhances her personal style. Unfortunately, finding a watch perfectly suited to every occasion is nearly impossible. Classic dress watches are perfect for formal affairs but not appropriate to a business casual look. An elegant watch for an evening of entertainment is not the right choice for holiday travel, while a sports watch is not the best choice for a night out... Read More


20 Brits share their happiest moments of 2020

With 2020 being such a difficult and challenging year, we wanted to shine a light on the positive moments that made Brits smile the most.  We ran a competition and asked the nation to share their happiest times and we received over 200 entries!  But there could only be one winner – and what a deserving winner she was.  Marion Tanner, 53 from the Isle of Wight, took top spot for her heart-warming story about a miracle birth.  Having lost one daughter to leukaemia, Marion’s other child was told that... Read More