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Holiday Hounds – Competition Time

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Asked and answered: 15 of the most Googled questions about time

Thanks to Google, we can find the answer to most questions at our fingertips, and for a lot of people, that includes finding out how long something will take. We’ve conducted research into some of the most searched for queries on time, and to help you find what you’re looking for, here are the answers: 1. How long does it take to get to the moon? It can take anywhere from several hours to over a year for spacecraft to travel the 380,000km to reach the moon1. This depends on... Read More


How Brits are spending their time online in lockdown

It can be difficult to know how to spend all this extra time since the lockdown began, and it seems many are naturally turning to our old friend, the internet, for help – but how exactly are we spending that time online in comparison to before? We’ve conducted research using Google Trends data to reveal the online habits of the nation since the lockdown, to indicate how we’re all choosing to pass the time while staying home.  Online shopping With many people out of work or furloughed across the nation,... Read More


Eight tips for co-parenting during lockdown

Data shows 2.4million families across the UK are split¹, meaning many are co-parenting through the lockdown period – a challenge nobody expected to face.  To help you co-parent effectively and get the most out of your virtual time with your children during lockdown, we have worked with experts to reveal some top tips for success. 1. Be consistent Dr. Michele McDowell, child psychologist, says: “Try and keep to your previous schedule as much as possible. Admittedly this won’t always be possible, as you may need to provide more support or... Read More


8 useful things to do with your time

Before lockdown, our research showed Brits spent an average of over four hours on their phone every day, adding up to a whopping 1,522 hours a year or 63 days – and new research shows screen time has only increased amid UK’s current lockdown restrictions¹. To help Brits put their time into bettering their skillset or learning something new, we’ve looked at 8 aspirational new skills or useful tasks and how long it typically takes to complete them, showing that this extra time could be used for good. 1. Learn... Read More


When you’ll get the biggest savings

Everyone loves to bag a bargain, but sometimes it can be tricky to know exactly when it’s the best time to shop, to maximise savings. Black Friday and Boxing Day are well known for their sales, but our recent study revealed deals can be bagged all year round, depending on which product you’re looking for. As a rule of thumb, you’re best avoiding the periods of greatest demand, such as buying swimwear at the height of summer or late spring, as there will usually be less discounts on offer.  Here... Read More


The most likely cities for a lunch time hook up

It’s no secret that Brits love sex, and you may have found yourself wondering about what time of day you, or others tend to do the deed. But while evenings and weekends are the most common times of the week to hook up, our research1 has revealed that surprising numbers of people are fitting it in whenever they can, including before work and even on their lunch break. Nearly one in five (18%) said that they were having sex between the hours of 11am and 2pm during the week, with... Read More


A study into basic life skills in primary school leavers

Children across the UK are transitioning to high school without basic life skills such as being able to dress themselves, swim, tell the time and even brush their own teeth, and now our research has revealed that girls may be falling behind. The recent study of 500 parents shows that a concerning one in seven (15%) girls leave primary school unable to brush their teeth without assistance, compared to just 4% of boys. Equally, 10% of girls of the same age are unable to dress themselves, compared to 8% of... Read More


What kind of dater are you?

Complete our online dating quiz to help find out what kind of dater you are. Winter often sees the dating scene explode, recently coined on social media as ‘cuffing season’, where singles couple up to avoid loneliness over the colder months. Here at Tic Watches, we have complied a study to understand the different types of daters and the time spend dating across the UK.