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Tic Watches have been the UK’s number 1 independent retailer for all the latest designer watch brands for over 10 years. We’re proud to stock designer watch brands such as Armani, Olivia Burton, Seiko and G-Shock, to name a few. Since 2007, our main priority at Tic Watches is our customers. We’re here to help whether it be online or in our new bricks and mortar watch shop in Darlington, County Durham.

We are happy to say we have our very own Affiliate Programme, to recognise and reward publishers and influencers, when working to promote Tic Watches and everything we have to offer. Tic Watches utilise Partnerize technology through Visualsoft Affiliates, to facilitate Affiliate partnerships and tracking. Below we have outlined both the benefits of joining the programme and how to join.


Our affiliate programme is designed to recognise and reward publishers and influencers for driving sales, and therefore provides a financial reward for every order with up to 10% commission. We stock thousands of products from designers such as Marc Jacobs, Olivia Burton and Swatch for you to promote.

If creative assists are needed, we will get them designed and created for you, in the sizes required. In the Affiliate Network, you will find detailed product feeds with extensive data sets including size, colour, stock, barcode and more much, to help you promote Tic Watches. We have strong a conversion rate and average order value leading to more rewarding commissions. We also have a dedicated affiliate management team that will be on hand to help you.


If you run a fashion, jewellery or lifestyle site that you think would appeal to the Tic Watches audience, we are especially interested in hearing from you. This can be any type of site, from Aggregators and Content Sites to Influencers Social Feeds and Bloggers.

Please note that we will not be able to accept any sites that are either un-finished or under construction, or that are not relevant to us as a business.


Tic Watches are partnered with Visualsoft Affiliates and utilise Partnerize technology, to facilitate Affiliate partnerships and tracking.

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If you would like to use your existing Patnerize account, please get in touch with our team at

Once you are logged into your account, go to "Admin > Campaign" to view a list of all available campaigns on the network, choose the Tic Watches campaign and click "Join", we will then review your site for approval. Once approved, you can start promoting Tic Watches through the use of tracking links, creatives and the Tic Watches feed.

If you have any questions in relation to activity & promotions, exclusives or working with Tic Watches, you can get in touch at